Monday, July 25, 2011

Daihatsu A-Concept

Designed with the goal of competitive prices and consumption in the order of 3.3 l/100 km, A-Concept could see the light as a production model as early as 2013, but not sure its debut on the European markets : Mira model / Heart might have different designs from Japan and those models destined for foreign markets like Indonesia, where Daihatsu has an excellent success.

The information on the prototype are still very limited and the first comments did not spare criticism of the design too similar to the new Aston Martin Cygnet in the shape of the taillights. During the show Indonesian, Daihatsu also unveiled the new philosophy: S Technology (Energy Saving Technology) to reduce fuel consumption and a brand new power 2 cylinder 660 cc turbo engine from 63 hp direct inezione and 100 Nm of torque, paired the CVT transmission with high efficiency, electronically controlled cooling system, start-stop of last generation that turns off the engine below 7 km/h with regenerative braking and a global reduction of friction and weight of all components.

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