Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fiat Uno Convertible: video of the prototype

The Fiat Uno is a car in Brazil that gives a nod to the young and the various versions that have followed from the time of submission in 2010 are consistent with this target: the new Fiat Uno was also conducted as a convertible version prototype and, after the official images, now is the first video.

Tested on the track, the Fiat Uno Convertible proves to be at ease among the curbs due to a direct steering and turbo diesel 1.4 engine, the front wheels can transmit power of 152 horses. The top speed is electronically limited amounts to 202 km / h. But be careful not to exaggerate the curves: the One Convertible is devoid of the ESP electronic stability control and the risk of losing control at high speeds is high.

If you are fascinated by the new Fiat Uno Convertible you get to buy a plane ticket to Brazil: the discovery of small, if mass produced, will be sold exclusively in South America.

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