Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New Mercedes SL Spy Photos

The track in Nardo recently hosted some of the new Mercedes SL forklifts (project code R231) car that will be introduced at the beginning of 2012 after ten years and will replace the current generation. The spider's star will be updated with the new styling by Mercedes, with a front end inspired by the CLS, a side-crossed by a deep rib and a rear volume evolved, with soft lights and vaguely triangular shape.

The car body will then show an obvious resemblance to the new SLK. Under the hood will place the V6 and V8, with power outputs between 306 hp in the SL 350 and SL 408 of 500. There will then the 63 AMG version, with 5.5 twin turbo 525 or 557 hp, while still questioning the presence of a diesel engine.

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