Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Porsche Panamera long wheelbase: coming in 2012

There is only official confirmation to the production of long wheelbase nuovaPorsche Panameraa: sources within the company in Stuttgart confirmed as the flagship in the longer version will be marketed by summer 2012. The new Porsche Panamera long wheelbase, according to the "Deep Throat" who leaked the news, will have a longer wheelbase of 15 inches and longer will be about 31 cm, bringing the total length of 5.28 meters.

The increased size will greatly improve the space for rear passengers and will make possible for the fifth series of approved, against the current four. The new Porsche will not only house the new long wheelbase version: according to the leaked, the Panamera will be affected by its first facelift in 2013 and apparently confirmed the production of a new four-door model with compact dimensions.

Christened Pajun, inspired by Cajun new compact SUV, the new sedan designed by Porsche could reach the market by 2014 in conjunction with gasoline, diesel and ibride.

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