Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New Porsche 911: first teaser video

The new Porsche 911 made its debut in the first videoteaser made by the manufacturer in Stuttgart. After months of sightings along the circuit of Nurburgring, the new supercar German road shows during the last test in South Africa. Despite the camouflage of the two copies of the movie characters, we discover how the new Porsche 911 will feature inspired by the dashboard Panamera flagship, and there will be an option as the unreleased large panoramic sunroof.

Less than two months after the international debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2011, scheduled for September 15 to 25, we can make a nearly complete picture of things to come on the new Porsche 911. Grown in size compared to the generation 997, the Porsche 991 will be longer and wider than 10.3 cm by 6.4 cm, thus increasing the working conditions on vessels and the cargo front.

Under the hood the new 911 Carrera mount the unit Boxer 6-cylinder 3.4 L 350-hp, while the S version will see the power going to the ground by the 3.8 L engine up to 380 horsepower, and both versions will be combined with the Launch Control and the seven-speed manual gearbox or transmission gears PDK7.

The increase in power does not mean less attention to the environment: Porsche engineers talk about a 12-15% reduction in fuel consumption.

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