Thursday, July 21, 2011

Grand-Am Ferrari 458 Italy: the first test in Fiorano

He made his debut on the Fiorano test track for a series of tests required for its development the new Ferrari 458 Italy Grand-Am car of the house of the Cavallino intended to take part in the races that make up the American Grand-Am series. Based on the Ferrari 458 GT3 Italy, the Grand-Am was created by Ferrari in collaboration with the Michelotto Cars and implementing many new features to make it suitable for the fundamental rules of the competition in America.

The V8 which has an output of about 500 horses at a maximum speed limited to 8,000 g / min. Compared to the GT3 disappear electronic systems like ABS, which makes up for it with an enhanced braking system and traction control, not provided for in the Pan-Am Championship, while aesthetically there is a roll bar with side shields larger required by regulations to better protect the driver from numerous contacts, sometimes quite hard, that have always characterized the popular North American series.

At Fiorano, the car made several rounds under the guidance of two piliti MaurizioMediani and Jaime Melo, who have put together, taking turns at the wheel, about 45 total rounds during which the new Italy 458 Grand-Am is very well behaved rather than from the point of view of reliability.

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