Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mercedes-Benz S-Class Grand Edition

With a more sporty look by AMG and a series of internal changes comes this special edition of the Mercedes sedan representation, which turns 60 during this 2011. With 60 years and eleven generations behind the Mercedes S-Class is still considered one of the most elegant saloon of the brand. In order to keep current Mercedes launches a new special edition model, surnamed Grand Edition.

Includes various modifications both outside and inside, signed by AMG and gives it a more sporty S-Class without losing none of its elegance. Outside we see a front which includes a new honeycomb grille, while the rear is featuring a larger flap to the already known, which also integrates the tailpipes.

Product are also AMG wheels 19-inch five-spoke this Grand Edition Mercedes S-Class, which have a sportier than the conventional but not overburden the whole. A good compromise that helps distinguish the S-Class Grand Edition conventional without leaving the essence of the latter. The interior has chosen to incorporate a custom steering wheel, pedals in aluminum finishes, rugs and various special wood inserts throughout the cabin to reinforce the feeling of elegance.

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