Wednesday, July 20, 2011

McLaren MP4-12C: the final model will be more exciting and sound

McLaren MP4-12C will undergo some "retouching emotional" to increase the involvement of his successful leadership of the driver from the first copy which is delivered this week. We specify immediately that it is not structural or mechanical changes but more scenic of small changes. It appears that the English house has used the very first received criticism from the press, about the lack of that 'epic aura and sense of unity that characterized the Ferrari 458 Italy, to make the last finalization.

The main changes you will find on the MP4-12C will ultimately be a more immediate throttle and an exhaust tones more vivid and present in the cockpit, but only in the driving mode "Track". Specifically, we speak of '"Intake Sound Generator", which controls the sound levels from the engine area that seep into the cabin.

In the duct is a small butterfly valve that, when opened will give the occupants of the passenger compartment and a higher sound absorbing. Changes, ensures the house, which were already in the plans of the British manufacturer and that the verdict of the first road tests has accelerated the development.

"We wanted that customers could enjoy the car a little more, - said a press officer - the changes do not bring any performance gains, but provide more thrills at the wheel."

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