Friday, July 29, 2011

Toyota Prius Coupe

Toyota is considering the idea of launching a Prius Coupe from 2014. The model sitting alongside Prius Prius C and V, and help to change the image of the hybrid Japanese television commercial of the last half also reflected the will of the manufacturer to remove the image of a Prius only linked to the world of ecology and not lovers of the automobile.

Early rumors suggest that the car could be based on the new generation of rear-drive Lexus GS, a platform for the truth that seems too big and imposing for a Prius. If the hypothesis GS was founded instead we might expect a car that would run not only at the top of the range but probably also of the Prius Toyota.

The new car image of the Japanese giant. Certainty is that one half of the technologies we will find the hybrid system and plug-in lithium ion batteries advanced motorcycles. Probably the presence of a manual transmission. The internal combustion engine should be a 4-cylinder 1.5 that, coupled to the electric module should make the most efficient Prius coupe ever.

Also in 2014, could instead get the Prius SUV ...

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