Thursday, July 21, 2011

Chrysler workers smoke marijuana, announced hard-line

Chrysler suspended from work nine workers, including the salary freeze, found that drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana before the start of their shift, the factory in Trenton. The workers have been "caught" by the cameras of the local network WJBK-TV that according to official sources in the plant was to record a documentary, but in reality would have been specially called by some fellow workers "implicated".

The Group will maintain a hard line, in fact, after identifying the nine workers, Chrysler has opened an internal investigation that will establish the responsibilities of the accused and decide what disciplinary action to be taken on. It really is not the first time that such an episode occurs, already last autumn, two workers were fired and two others left without pay for a month, why be surprised by another video while drinking alcohol before the work shift.

For the CEO of Chrysler and Fiat, Sergio Marchionne, this is a new "row to hoe" in addition to the contrasts, still far from resolved, with some Italian trade unions. Marchionne has waged a long battle against the workers "lazy", accused on several occasions to be absent from work for petty reasons and to submit false medical certificates.

The Italian-Canadian manager also had repeatedly denigrated the workers of Fiat's Italian plants, accusing them of being less productive in comparison with American colleagues in Chrysler. But on this occasion taken as a reference model has shown its limits.

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