Friday, July 29, 2011

BMW Concept i3: the power of Monaco

The BMW Concept i3 will be the first electric vehicle of the Bavarian house to come to market in 2013: it is a compact five-door four-seater 3.85 meters long, which will debut a new brand that will combine all the BMW vehicles with alternative propulsion that will arrive shortly. The BMW Concept i3 can be seen up close the next Frankfurt Motor Show 2011 with the Concept Sports and i8 is driven by an electric motor with 170 horsepower (125 kW) and 250 Nm of torque placed on the rear axle capable of providing acceleration from 0 100 km / h in under eight seconds, for a total range of up to 160 km.

The total weight is instead of 1,250 kg including the batteries, but what is more interesting is the ability to mount a so-called range extender or REx, a heat engine to be used as a power generator to recharge the batteries, which then transforms into a ' extended-range electric car. With the BMW and the i3 i8 will debut a new architecture called the LifeDrive, which promises greater flexibility and a significant reduction of weight thanks to the use of innovative materials.

The structure consists of two independent units housed together and have already indicated in its name: it is part of the "Life", made of carbon fiber and designed to be the area able to accommodate and protect occupants, and the part " Drive ", made of aluminum and designed to accommodate all the mechanical components including motors and batteries.

The position at the rear of the propulsion system not only allows better weight distribution balance favoring buoyancy, but has helped the German technicians to get a nearly flat floor, without the cumbersome presence of the central tunnel to the benefit of the habitability and flexibility, with a load capacity that comes to 200 liters.

Daughter of the most modern electronic technology, the BMW Concept i3 also has the energy recovery system and allows you to interact with smartphones, enabling the owner to remotely control various functions and receive information and a list of stations closest charging or operating conditions of the equipment of the vehicle.

After his debut as a concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the new BMW i3 come on the roads in 2013, allowing BMW to join the constantly growing list of producers who bet on the propulsion systems for the ecological future.

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