Monday, January 31, 2011

Course VII: already confirmed his debut in 2013

In the U.S., the next generation of the Volkswagen Golf VII will be launched within two years, as confirmed by a spokesman for Volkswagen. According to leaks, the vehicle will go into production in late 2012 and early 2013, while the debut is expected in November next year. The platform will be built on what is already well under way and will come exactly 10 years after the launch of the current one, which formed the basis of the Golf V and VI, and was born in 2003.

Renault-Nissan over Volkswagen in 2010

The war of numbers is never ending. Among the world's car giants Volkswagen Renault-Nissan has checked the second. The Franco-Japanese stands for a few tens of thousands of vehicles sold in more than in 2010: 7,276,398 units against 7.14 million (and some change), aggregated by the Volkswagen Group. The Renault-Nissan alliance has therefore increased its sales by 19.6% compared to 2009, expanding the market at 11, 8% and an overall share of 10.3%.

The Audi A2 in 2015 only

Patience, patience. If you are among those waiting impatiently for the arrival of the new generation of Audio A2 password is the one: patience. Yes, because according to what reported by AutoBild, the new compact Ingolstadt will not come before 2015 and not 2012 as announced earlier this year. The reason for this decision lies in the lack of a platform suitable model for the future.

According to the original intentions of the Audi A2 should have used the same platform of the future Volkswagen (L) Up! (O), but this would entail measures that are too small and the heads of the German manufacturer had decided to develop a completely new platform, a way somewhere between that of the Polo and Passat.

F1, the memory of Senna at the Sundance Film Festival

Ayrton Senna is certainly one of the most famous drivers in the history of Formula One. Merit of his great abilities demonstrated on the track - three world titles in F1 - and its being talked about outside the channels. A success and fame, which were then etched in the history of racing because of his untimely death, which occurred right on track at the wheel of his car.

A great pilot and then for many who knew him also a great person from the human point of view. To celebrate, once again, was a documentary which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, by way of example: the Seine. Objective: tell no-frills life, sports businesses remained in the annals of Formula One - all about the rivalry with team-mate, Frenchman Alain Prost - and the nature of a pilot from the great sensitivity and spirituality.

Mercedes SLK: Schumi and Rosberg testimonial

It is even more closely the pair Michael Schumacher and Mercedes: a little more than a month after the Formula 1 World Championship, the former Ferrari driver has been chosen as the launch of nuovaSLK testimonial to be presented to the public at the next Geneva Motor Show in March. At 14 years after the launch of the first version and after 400,000 units sold worldwide (including some 40,000 in Italy) the new generation SLK has a base price of 39,900 € in version 1.8-liter 4-cylinder and 184 hp, that gradually rise with the Premium versions, and a Sport Edition.

GSSS 2011: drive safely

Start courses GSSS 2011 Driving Dynamics Safe Road at the Technical Center Federal Polcanto (FI), the only ones that occur on roads normally open to traffic, authorized and organized in close collaboration with the Italian Motorcycle Federation, together with Motoclub Curves & Bends GSSS . The method alternates GSSS essential lessons of classroom theory to practice riding their own motorcycles.

New R line package for the Volkswagen Touareg

Volkswagen offers the Touareg, the new R-Line equipment package "exterior" to. At the rear, and an embossed matte black diffuser and oval tailpipes in the newly designed bumper lower part are integrated. The rear view is rounded off by a separate roof spoiler. This striking side skirts come in body color, chrome door trim parts, and R-Line badge on the front side panels.

The front is also characterized by a new spoiler lip in the R-Design. A suitable combination for the "exterior" package are either the R-Line package, or that build upon R-Line "Plus". Both complete the "Exterior" package in the outside view by 20-inch light-alloy wheels design "Mallory", combined with a sportier chassis tuning.

Ford Fiesta RS WRC is ready

The Ford Focus RS WRC is ready to go. The 300-horsepower turbo four-wheel drive will get later this week from the motor sports world governing body FIA homologation to play during the 13 rounds of the World Rally championship. Mikko Hirvonen and Jarmo Lehtinen and Jari-Matti Latvala and Miikka Anttila are from 10 February for the Ford Abu Dhabi works team for world championship points battle.

Chrysler: 2010 results beyond expectations

The echo arrives from New York, where the CEO of Chrysler Sergio Marchionne said the economic results achieved by the American Chrysler. "They were better than expectations - Marchionne said with evident satisfaction." But there is still much work to do, especially to reach the five-year goals that the group has set itself an Italian-American.

Chrysler ended 2010 with 41.9 billion dollars in revenues, operating profit of 763 million dollars and losses of $ 652 million. The forecasts for 2011 see the growth in total revenues to approximately $ 55 billion. These figures summarize the sales of more than 1.5 million cars, representing 9.2% of the conquest of the American market and 13% of that of Canada.

Noble M600: English supercar

The Noble M600 is spoken for some time and several prototypes have announced their appearance, as introduced in 2009. Now it seems the time has come to a final version for the production of this British supercar that should hit the market next April. You do not know the waiting time as to make a copy, as stated by the House, you need a month's work.

The characteristics of the M600 are those previously announced, including the twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 engine that is offered with three different power levels: 650, 550 and 450 horsepower, with 818 Nm of torque and 6-speed manual transmission. Depending on your needs you can adjust the power of the engine acting on the traction control on or off any electronic driving aids.

PSA relaunches brand Simca. Sar low cost

After the success of airlines, has come to the VMs. And in the wake of this success lies back on the market of Simca, the French brand founded in 1935 by the Italian Teodoro Enrico Pigozzi. A decision was the rebirth of the PSA Peugeot-Citroen, which aims to compete with the manufacturer Dacia Romania, long orbit of the rival Renault and able to generate profits.

Cars at low prices, therefore, in no particular bells and whistles and essential components as were those produced in the '60s and '70s, when the "Société Industrielle de Mécanique et Car Garage" (acronym in just Simca) passed first under the control of Chrysler, then the PSA dismise in 1990.

Renault-Nissan: overtaking Volkswagen

Just a few days ago we had the news of how Toyota is still number one carmaker, despite the vicissitudes of the numerous recalls of cars that characterized 2010. The Japanese manufacturer has long been the target of Volkswagen, which wants to become number one in the world and has already set the date: 2018.

By this date the Wolfsburg aims to oust the Japanese from the top step of the podium. In the meantime, however, that podium is not even occupied by Volkswagen, which closed in 2010, fourth place behind Toyota, General Motors and Renault-Nissan group. Just ex-Japan alliance is the surprise of 2010 with 7,280,000 units sold, compared to 7,140,000 in Volkswagen.

F1, Schumacher's team charged Mercedes

Schumacher is no longer concealed. Just off the candles for his 42 th birthday, the seven-time world champion ignites the audience at the F1 with a series of declarations of war. He did so, these days, on the eve of the presentation of MGP W02, the second full F1 Mercedes, which promises to be slightly modified forms (something like a nose a bit 'higher) and with a new livery: Norbert Haug Mercedes F1 team principal, has anticipated that the color of the new Silberpfeil (Silver Arrow) has been designed to put in evidenzale lines.

Renault comes the new setting

An asset that can be further enriched through the "Yahoo! Connect Pack" for 500 euro added to the standard equipment steering wheel and gear knob leather, fog lamps front and the radio CD MP3 with Bluetooth connection and Plug & Music . The set-up Yahoo. it is available with the 1.2 petrol 75 bhp, the petrol 1.2 TCe turbo 100 bhp and the diesel 1.5 dCi 75 hp and replaces the Twingo, Modus and Grand Modus Sport & Sound and Attractive, and in the range Clio to leave the place the new production facilities is the version.

Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4 Two-tone

In the first edition of the Qatar Motor Show Lamborghini unveiled the Gallardo LP 560-4 Two-tone world, just for the exclusive two-tone exterior and the interior matched. The contrast between the black is the color of the roof and the rest of the body, for which you can choose from five variants (Midas Yellow, Borealis Orange, Telesto Gray, White and Blue Caelum Monocerus), which places major emphasis sharp lines This supercar with 560 horsepower with permanent four wheel drive.

Lamborghini Murcielago successor equips with pushrod suspension

The new 515 kW / 700 hp V12-powered sports car, the Lamborghini shows a world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show (1st-03.13.2011) will be equipped with a pushrod suspension and damping according to the principle. The system is inspired by Formula 1. The borrowed from motorsport technology promises perfect chassis balance and precise steering.

The spring / damper element is the Murcielago's successor, not the wheel, but mounted on the inside of the body structure. They are positioned horizontally under the front windshield, rear near the engine. Push Rod (pushrods) and rocker transmit the forces from the wheel carrier to the elements of the suspension and damping.

Seat Ibiza, to sell the commercial version

The Spanish brand announces the arrival on the market of the commercial version of its utility Ibiza. Available in two engine, Diesel 75 hp and 70 hp gasoline, part of the price of 12,635 euros. What do you think? Leave your comments, the most interesting will be published in the journal Hwy. Alternatively, this news debate on our forums.

Seat is selling the commercial version of the Seat Ibiza, to be offered in two engines: the 1.2 TDI diesel three-cylinder 75 horsepower gasoline engine and the air of 1.2 liters and 70 hp. Regarding the conventional model, this eliminates commercial Ibiza rear seat and trunk lid to expand the cargo space up to 930 liters-of-that separates the driver and passenger seat with a mesh side windows also blinding later.

BMW introduces new traffic information system

BMW Connected Drive as part of its program to introduce a new traffic information system. For the navigation systems of the brand developed Real-Time Traffic Information (RTTI) provide for the routing and forwarding recommendations of the traffic situation in real time. Additionally, on motorways and trunk roads captured this new system also roads and many inner-city connections.

To analyze the traffic conditions are considered significantly more data and updated frequently. This gives the driver of a BMW in the future delivered in addition to the traffic jam warning on its current route and precise information on traffic conditions on a potential detour. Unexpectedly, a delay occurs on the alternate route are a thing of the past.

Smog alert in Milan, the blockade continues

The measures taken to Milan to reduce the concentration of smog in the air have not yet resulted in the desired benefits. The levels of PM10 levels above the alarm trigger now the second phase of the plan called "Clean Air". No longer just a Sunday walk, and then, but also block the weekly petrol cars Euro 1 and 2 and diesel Euro 3 and 4 in the Congestion Charge from 7:30 to 19:30.

Total stop, throughout the city at all hours, but for the most polluting cars such as petrol and diesel Euro 0 Euro 0, 1 and 2. But not all, for those in possession of the exception for use in the payment of the Congestion Charge triggered entry ticket. Go ahead instead for Euro 5 vehicles, those powered by LPG or CNG and electric ones.

Mercedes 125 Aesthetics: the turning point

On January 29, Mercedes has celebrated 125 years of the submission of its first vehicle, the date which marked the birth of the automobile, proposing a sculpture of a prototype, the Aesthetics 125, which foreshadows what will be the brand's future design language . On this occasion, Mercedes has also announced the upcoming launch of breakthrough technology in the battery industry and the start of the first attempts of the House to investigate the possibility of using hydrogen as fuel in the future: that's why he organized a journey of around 125 days the world of three Mercedes B-Class F-Cell to confirm the technical viability of these cars with zero-emission fuel cells.

Electra: the minicar with batteries

Delleminicar The world does not stop in the face of controversy but is always ahead. Thanks to the collaboration between Energy Resources, WT Motors and the Pole of Sustainable Mobility of the Faculty of Engineering of Rome come to life Electra, the first electric minicar. The stated objectives of the study team are two: create a square loop with zero emissions, and exceed safety levels on the small cars currently on the market.

Mirafiori: 1.3 billion for the Alfa Romeo SUV and Jeep

Since the end of 2012 the Fiat plant in Mirafiori in Turin will churn out 280 thousand vehicles per year. Will be the new compact SUV that will be released under the brands Alfa Romeo (about 130 thousand units planned) and Jeep. It was established late last week, when the leaders of Chrysler have decided on the allocation of € 1.3 billion to convert the assembly lines in Turin for the production of the first SUV in the history of the centuries-old ultra Alfa (not to mention the jeep "Matta" of the fifties and sixties).

M35h Infiniti Hybrid

The Infiniti M35h Hybrid is the new version of Japanese luxury sedan will be available from next spring. It announces a total power of 364 hp with an average consumption of 7.3 l/100 km and CO2 emissions level of 162 g / km. What do you think? Leave your comments, the most interesting will be published in the journal Hwy.

Alternatively, this news debate on our forums. Besides the one hundred percent electric vehicles as the Leaf, Renault-Nissan continues to develop low emission vehicles. Now is the luxury division of Nissan, Infiniti, which takes another step with the new M35h Hybrid, available in the market from next spring.

The AC Schnitzer Mini Countryman signed

The Mini Countryman is a car designed strong and personal, made up of muscular lines but do not betray the British style that characterizes the range of the British brand. The tuner AC Schnitzer has however decided to put a hand in proposing for this compact SUV a 4 new alloy wheels and equipped with the connotation sport tires for road use mainly.

They range from five-star silver version (Type IV) 18 or 19 - with coverage than to 225/40 R19 and 225/45 R18 - two-tone silver-black to the declination also equipped with larger tires. These are flanked by two-tone alloy wheels Type VI - this time in 10 races with superimposed profile - only available in size 18-inch (225/45 R 18) and finally the two-tone wheels Type VII 19''(pictured), Top of the range package signed Schnitzer.

Toyota Avensis BTCC 2011: English in Tourism correr

Here is the Toyota Avensis for the BTCC, the British Touring Car Championship, which begins April 3 at Brands Hatch. The car, these days, is subject to a series of wind tunnel tests of Mira, in Great Britain. Created under the new regulatory NGTC (Next Generation Touring Car), the Avensis was conducted by GPR Motorsport.

Two teams have already booked for the Avensis NGTC used in the BTCC 2011 season: This is the Team and Team Dynojet Speedworks. Particularly interesting: the race car was tested in the wind tunnel with a model road. Thus, GPR Motorsport engineers have the chance to see the airflow, and decide which will take place as to the large rear wing, in proportion to the aerodynamic work as efficiently as possible.

Fiat 500: the Americans for economic and silent

Quiet, economical, more comfortable than the European version. And, as far as efficiency in terms of fuel consumption, the level of Toyota Yaris, Mini, Hyundai Elantra, Ford Fiesta and Honda Fit. It 's the result of a study on the Fiat 500 made in USA, made public in recent days by Automotive News. The magazine analyzed the Fiat 500, in the days when it began production in stars and stripes in the Mexican plant in Toluca, which is the beginning of January for models with manual transmission, in recent days for models with the automatic transmission.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Golf R wins Top Gear Award

At the ceremony of the international "Top Gear Awards," by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May, presenters of automotive TV show, the Volkswagen Golf R was awarded the "Hot Hatch of the Year" award. The prize was Dr. Hendrik Muth, Director of Marketing and Communications of the Volkswagen R GmbH contrary, "This is the third generation of Golf R - and the fastest ever and most balanced.

Dirty windows? No, works of art ...

There are those who paint on canvas and those who do it on the walls. Who does the oil and who does a. .. mud in the latter case, the author is an eccentric American artist who goes in search of cars to draw on very dirty windows filled with dust or mud of fantasy images, portraits of famous people (Ronaldinho in the image above) or reproductions of famous works, worthy of the Italian artists of the Renaissance.

Sport Wheels Audi R8 Spyder: 600 hp all in red

We are prepared to remain loyal to a particular model. One of these is the Sport Wheels. The German tuner, which had already appeared on motors. it, last summer, with its own interpretation of the Audi R8 Spyder, back with a new edition of the ultra-key discovery in Ingolstadt. The current proposal, announced in recent days, the Spyder submitted resumes in August, but with some personal characteristics, which will renew the look and add an extra allure to the sporty R8.

Getting married in 75 Chrysler Al Capone? Yes, we can

From Chicago to Bovell (near Brescia), passing through New York, Catania and Padova is not the path to a new race car, but the steps along the path followed by the Chrysler 75, 1928 that was owned by Al Capone, the famous boss of the '30s Chicago. The owner today, Paolo Mazzoldi, loving care car historically belonged to the "boss of bosses" and now no longer uses it to escape from police in the era of Prohibition, but to accompany the bride and groom at weddings.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Press Launch Mercedes-Benz SLK: style icon and trendsetter

Sales Director Dr. Jürgen Schmidt raises the bar for the new Mercedes-Benz SLK with a view of the role of this roadster's high: "The roadster shape the emotional component of the star," he said at the presentation of the new prior of the 125 year celebration of the automobile today in Stuttgart. Since the first generation of 1996 it had already sold more than 500 000.

From the New is expected to continue the success. The high sales figures for the roadster with the two-piece metal roof Schmidt also explained by pointing out that the first two generations of the mark was applied to new audiences. This will bring the third generation that it is in the tradition of the famous Mercedes-Benz 190 SL from the 50-year eng.

Volkswagen shows prototype XL1 at IdeenExpo 2011

Volkswagen participates as a premium partner with 50 exhibits and themes at the idea of 27 EXPO 2011 August to 4 September 2011. The main objective of the expo idea is to inspire young people to science and technology. Among others, the XL1 Volkswagen two-seat prototype that the vision moves from the 1-liter car series around, and show concept cars, the driving and mobility designs for the near future, with the luggage.

F-Cell World Drive: With the fuel cell in 70 Days Around the World

Chancellor Angela Merkel and Dieter Zetsche will give the symbolic launch of the Mercedes-Benz F-Cell World Drive. Michael Schumacher, Nico Rosberg and David Coulthard will drive for the three vehicles on the stage. On Sunday, the tour through 14 countries around the world even to the point of Stuttgart.

Mercedes-Benz wants to make the F-Cell World Drive the technical maturity of the fuel cell technology to the test and give the same time the political requirement to build a nationwide infrastructure for refueling fuel cell vehicles emphasis. At a distance of 30 000 km, the three Mercedes-Benz B-Class F-Cell demonstrate that they are reliable and safe over long distances, on different road conditions and under various climatic conditions on the road.

Jaguar E-Type: 50 years and not hear

Enzo Ferrari called it "the most beautiful car ever built." When it debuted at the Geneva Motor Show March 15, 1961, the Jaguar E-Type drew the attention of the public and professionals who admire the compact passenger compartment, the long bonnet, wheel rims and, in general, the modern line . In fact, the design of the designer, Malcolm Sayer, is topical even today, half a century after its birth, since it's on permanent display at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York.

GM: government loans? No thanks, let alone

General Motors puts a brake on its debt: the Group of Michigan, in fact, has officially communicated that it withdraw his application for federal funding for the development of electric cars. This is a substantial sum, as is around 14.4 billion dollars in October of 2009 had been applied to the Department of Energy.

Today, little more than a year away, the world's second largest manufacturer announced that it no longer needs the loan because, as said the vice-president, Chris Liddell, "GM has confidence in the company's progress on global markets and aims to reduce the indebtedness of the budget. " While waiting for the government loan, GM had strung together a series of favorable results in 2010, which led to a profit of $ 4.2 billion, which had enabled him to repay all the loans granted by the administration in Washington ' context of the procedure of bankruptcy.

Fiat TwinAir the best engine in Germany

The little Fiat Twin is the motorepreferito by German readers. These days, the magazine Auto Motor und Sport has delivered to Aldo Marangoni, product engineering vice president of Fiat Powertrain Technologies, the company that develops technology solutions for the Lingotto, the prize reserved for the best expressions in the development of technology in the automotive field.

The award, named after Paul Pietsch, who was in the 30 pilot Bugatti, Alfa Romeo, Auto Union and, later, editor and publisher of Auto Motor und Sport, went to the engine Twin, which debuted last September on board the Fiat 500. The engine developed by FPT TwinAir, as is known, is twin turbocharged and air-cooled.

Nissan gets the Mazda5

Mazda and Nissan are expanding their cooperation. The Mazda5, which is called Premacy in Japan, delivered in May 2011, at Nissan. The agreement provides for a clearly defined model version for the Japanese market. Mazda improved through the cooperation of the production volume and thus the profitability of the series.

Nissan in turn will strengthen its position by the new model in the Japanese compact MPV segment. Mazda already supplies the produced as a minibus and light commercial vehicle Bongo, offered by Nissan Vanette as. Nissan in turn makes the AD / AD Expert available, marketed under the name of Mazda Familia.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Toyota Verso 1.4 D-4D-S: MPV in the sixteenth

'The new To-S is a continuation of the Yaris Verso, a small MPV production output in 2007. This segment is growing strongly in Europe, and Toyota will have a car that operates with its role as a precursor. The Verso is 3.99 long me well suited to the city, given the high visibility from the cockpit basically guaranteed top.

It does not have an impression that the face stand out but it is rather anonymous but harmonious. It has a luggage capacity of between 429 and 1400 liters of the (back of the sofa with asymmetrical and Blast with two levers on the side panels of the compartment), considering the space below the floor, which maintains a round shape type of housing stock.

Car production at Suzuki at record levels

Mainly due to strong demand in Asian markets and a rapidly growing exports to Central and South America, Suzuki car production last year rose to a record high. 2010 were in the 35 manufacturing locations, the company produced 2.89 million vehicles. Compared to last year this represents an increase of 21.2 percent.

Outside the home markets were Japan with 1.81 million vehicles, a total of 22.7 percent more units of volume than in 2009. Much of this volume is attributable to the subsidiary Maruti Suzuki, the market leader in the rapidly growing Indian market. It is also a growing export business of Maruti Suzuki: For example, the 2009 produced in Germany introduced Alto small car for the European market in Manesar plant in India.

F1, Ferrari: Alonso launches challenge!

The first feelings of enthusiasm daughters are positive, the F150 is red with the passion of hope and is ready to challenge its competitors. Alonso also on the day of presentation, was fascinated by the "Red" and said he felt ready for 2011. "The spirit is that of a very strong motivation - said the Spaniard - 2010 was a fantastic year for me, the first experience in a Ferrari.

I found a wonderful, unique and exciting. The year 2011 will be a year with new challenges with changing regulations. We must adapt to the regulations by adapting the driving style and building on the Kers. It will be a difficult year, where there will be a lot of work. Now it's prepared well.

Renault-Nissan Alliance sold over 7.2 million vehicles

The Renault-Nissan Alliance has bought 7,276,398 vehicles worldwide by 2010 v and thus reached a new record. This result represents an increase of 19.6 percent, while the overall global market increased by 11.8 percent. The world market share of Renault-Nissan Alliance is now 10.3 percent (cars and light trucks).

Renault took off last year 2,625,796 units. Nissan 4,080,588 cars. Sales of Renault rose by 14 percent and Nissan by 21.5 percent. On Lada accounted for 570 014 units, representing an increase of 37.6 percent over the previous year. The market share of Renault and Lada in Russia was composed almost 33 percent.

Volkswagen XL1: official video

Volkswagen has released a new video showing the XL1 in 3.49 minutes Concept, prototype futuristic and environmentally sustainable - able to travel 100 kmcon 0.9 liters of fuel - and presented recently at the Qatar Motor Show, where the leaders of the German people spoke of a future limited production of the car.

The video shows the prototype address some straight in a desert landscape, while the second part, the operator focuses on the particular design and style details of the car. Evolution of previous prototypes 1L L1 TDI SDI in 2002 and 2009, the futuristic car powered by a 48-cylinder TDI 800 bhp and a 27 hp electric motor, all coupled to the transmission 7-speed dual-clutch DSGA.

Tucano Urbano puts children in the saddle

Tucano Urbano wants to dress the children to accompany Mom and Dad motorbike or scooter and propose to their heads like those of their parents. To protect them from sudden showers, thinking the advent of spring, made a rain supercompaction to keep in the saddle or bag is the Nano Rain Jacket Kid, which can be matched to the Panta Nano Kid, made of 100 percent nylon waterproof and breathable, with taped seams and reflective inserts.

Saab 96 Legendary starts at the historic Monte Carlo

The Swedish rally legend Erik Carlsson assisted in the celebrations for the 100th anniversary of the Rallye Monte Carlo, a team that takes part taking place this week at the XIV Rallye Monte Carlo Historique. As a vehicle an exact replica of the vehicle is used, with the Carlsson won the 1963 rally. The classic Saab 96 was the German magazine "Oldtimer Markt" rebuilt and will be driven by editor in chief Peter Steinfurth, co-pilot will be Thorsten Loeber.

EuroNCAP, the Alfa Romeo Giulietta in 2010 to top

There is also the Alfa Romeo Giulietta between the "queens EuroNCAP. The compact Alfa Romeo in 2010, was one of the cars that left the court with the best crash test conducted by the New Car Assessment Programme in Brussels. In total, the vehicles covered by the NCAP crash tests in 2010 were 29. 65% reported a perfect score (5 stars).

Compared to 90% in 2009, may seem a step backwards. In fact, this decrease is due to a tightening of requirements for determining the degree of security offered by each vehicle. In order to fall into the restricted club of the 5 "models considered at the top for safety, in addition to getting the 5 stars of Judgement, have also had to reach a very high degree of security, which is obtained from the ratio of the individual" voices " that make up the NCAP crash test: adult occupant protection, children, pedestrians and safety equipment as standard (which, since 2009, for admission to the NCAP test, must also include electronic stability control ESC).

The car turns 125 years

This important anniversary is spoken for some time but it is tomorrow, January 29 that the car is celebrating its 125 years: the same day filed in 1886 Carl Benz in Mannheim, Germany, the patent for his three-wheeled vehicle, two large back and a smaller front, driven by a gasoline engine, the Patent Motor Car.

In the same year Gottlieb Daimler created a carriage motor instead of three wheels had four. While the machine patented by Benz can be considered the world's first vehicle powered by an engine, the Daimler motor carriage was really the first car on four wheels. It was a conventional carriage on which Daimler, along with Maybach, had installed a small 4-cylinder engine.

Ferrari and Maserati sales run all over the world

Flying the results of Ferrari and Maserati, which in 2010 have put together a series of very positive numbers. From Maranello do know that 6,573 cars were delivered to the Prancing Horse, an increase of 5.4%. The top models were the 458 Italy and California, which accounted for 87% of total registrations.

Turning to economic data, things got even better: 1.9 billion in revenue (more than 7.9 on 2009), profit to 303 million, up from 238 the previous year, and positive contribution of the "personalization". The last three months of the year, then, the data showed more positive signs that 2011 may exceed these records.

Ferrari F150: 2011 for samples

Maranello. Friday, January 28, 2011. 10:07 hours. Here is the Ferrari F150, the fifty-seventh-seater built by Ferrari to join the Formula 1 World Championship. As mentioned a few days ago, the name of the new "red" is a tribute to the first 150 years of Italian unification. The F150 will be the car of redemption, after the great disappointment of last season with Vettel's triumph at the expense of Alonso after the last GP of 2010.

Citroen DS4 voted "most beautiful cars of 2010"

The Citroen DS4 was voted "the most beautiful car of the year 2010" by more than 60,000 Internet users in 62 different countries, who participated as judges in this important contest. The DS4, according to the DS model in the family home of the Double Chevron, was honored at the 26th International Festival of the car "where during the official ceremony had withdrawn the award in person Frédéric Banzet, Managing Director of Citroen.

The 2011 Honda Accord for Europe

In Europe he'll be in April but its debut will be at the Geneva Motor Show: Honda Accord coming then, in sedan and hatchback (or wagon), updated in style but also in technique. Along the list of actions, some important, some less significant, but all aimed at making the most modern and ecological model of the Japanese brand.

The styling has been revised beginning with the new bumpers and new headlights, cleaner lines, also available in the fitting than bi-xenon headlights and the adaptive system for better visibility. Reshaped front grille with the two central fins finished in chrome like the edge. Also redesigned the conduit for cooling the housing of the fog lights.

China and India will decline in 2011 sales

The U.S. manufacturer General Motors in China believes that the pace of sales of automobiles can not continue to have the current pace of growth that led the country to be the first world market in terms of registrations. Same goes for India, another populous state in which the 4-wheel driven more and more.

The prediction that the company is in Detroit - currently world number two behind Toyota in terms of sales - was intended to refer to 2011. To substantiate this hypothesis, there are in-depth analysis that evaluated the reasons that led China onto the top step of the podium: government incentives, better economic conditions and producers are made in four to launch their models in the land of mandarins.

Abarth 500 esseesse Gulf, only 10 copies

Abarth in collaboration with the Gulf Oil Corporation for the Luxembourg market will carry a special version of the 500, called 500 Abarth esseesse Gulf, in honor of 10 years of oil activities in the home country in central Europe. Produced in a limited series of only 10 copies, the "Gulf esseesse" aesthetically resume the classic blue-orange colors of the Gulf, the special livery is echoed by the interior trim that have also signed new sports seats and Sabelt bucket.

Two very special Volkswagen Touareg

World premiere at the Qatar Motor Show for two prototypes based on the Volkswagen Touareg: The first concept is the road version of the Race Touareg 3 who participated in Dakar earlier this year, the second is the Touareg Gold Edition even embellished with gold components 24 carats. The Volkswagen Race Touareg 3 Qatar is based precisely on the car that took part in the Dakar Rally in South America, is a concept that foreshadows a possible version homologated for road use of this powerful off-road with its 310 horsepower is capable of passing 0 to 100 km / h in under six seconds.

Toyota extended warranty mobility

Toyota is expanding its all-inclusive package ": The Euro-Care Mobility warranty is now up in case of accident, the complete package. Taken will include the cost of relief on the ground, towing to the nearest Toyota contractors, accommodation, a replacement vehicle, the transit and a replacement part shipping abroad.

So far, under the new car warranty free three-year unlimited mileage guarantee mobility occurred only in case of breakdown in power. Toyota € Care can be part of the annual inspection after the three-year new car warranty, renewable for a further twelve months. In addition, the services of € Care in the used car warranty "Toyota Car Warranty" mentioned that for twelve or 24 months completed and can still be extended by twelve months.

Alfa Romeo GTA 4C, the new concept approaches

This was followed by rumors concerning the concept Alfa Romeo GTA 4C, after the mysterious teaser posted on the net, came some news concerning a communication received by colleagues from Autoblog. Gr - by Fiat Group Ellas - to delete the word and its image "offending" from its website until February 14.

Obviously this unwise move by the leadership of the House of Greek Lingotto has raised new hypotheses about which model or prototype could be produced on that date: some hypotheses speak of a concept by its compact size, the evolution of the beautiful 2uettottanta by Pininfarina, the last edition of Geneva Motor Show.

Citroën DS4 for "Most Beautiful Car of the Year"

The Citroën DS4 has been selected by over 60 000 Internet users from 62 countries at the "Most Beautiful Car of the Year." The price was at the 26th International Automobile Festival in Paris presented. The seats 2-4 this, the BMW 5 Series, the Honda CR-Z and the Renault Wind. In addition to the award by the public of the Citroën DS4 was by a jury composed of representatives from the world of design, sport, culture and the media voted the vehicle with the "Most Beautiful interior.

Spy photo: Citroen DS5

The family's Citroen DS is now ready to expand. After the DS3 and DS4 in fact the next will come the DS5. Here are the first spy photo. The future sedan "fashion" of the French company would reveal, even as a concept, the next exhibition in Shanghai, before finally debuting in September at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2011.

From the heavy camouflage, we can not say how the car will be and what will be its characteristic features, but according to rumors should be similar to the C-SportLounge concept presented in 2005. The overall style is still in line with that of DS3 and DS4. The engine range of the future will be broad and include Citroen DS5 different solutions, such as a hybrid engine that will see an electric motor alongside a 2-liter HDi for a total power of 200 hp.

Noble M 600: English a 650-hp

Noble is a small studio located in the English Leichestershire that produces extreme sports cars, no frills whatsoever. The latest creation of this little company called M 600, a sports car with 650 hp made at the end of 2009, but not yet put on the market because of its difficult gestation and some financial problems that have plagued the automaker in Barwell .

Finally, the uncertainties of the factory of the channel seem to end with the start of production of M 600, which took place in these days, which will be handed out to wealthy customers starting from early April. Aesthetically similar to some European sports super, Noble M 600 has a sleek coupe and a two-seat configuration, with a carbon fiber body combined with a tubular steel frame.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

TÜV Thüringen relies on e-mobility

TÜV Thüringen presented at the 4th Auto show in Erfurt (28.1.-30.1.2011) its expertise in electric vehicles and alternative fuels. Under the theme "Past and Future of the Automobile" will be the vehicle experts of the Organisation for questions about cars and classic cars from the electric mobility to answer questions.

At Booth 320 in Hall 3 of TÜV Thüringen loads twice a day for ordinary table skills. By 12 clock and 15 clock TÜV experts talk about current issues in the areas of alternative fuel and vehicle evaluation. The car show Erfurt with over 100 exhibitors this year is the only auto show in central Germany.

Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4 displays Bicolore

Lamborghini presents at the Qatar Motor Show (- 29/01/2011) from the Gallardo LP 560-4 Bicolore. This special series of the super sports car to be produced for the European and Asia-Pacific markets. On the American market, however, only the LP version will be available 550-2. The Bicolore is characterized by two-color exterior paint, a matching interior and the complete line of equipment.

The contrast between the black roof and bonnet and colorful paint on other body parts of the design of the Gallardo LP 560-4 further emphasized. The customer can choose between five exterior colors Giallo Midas, Arancio Borealis, Grigio Telesto, Bianco monocerus and Blu Caelum, which can also be found according to the interior.

Press Launch Opel Corsa: Fresh New Year

Opel Corsa small car, where his a new design. Influenced by the new front with new headlights and new grille, the Corsa now unmistakably a member of the current Opel family. With new exterior colors and interior trim and a variety of individual and sporty variants it will be even more attractive. Opel wants to address with him, above all, more younger customers.

The Opel Corsa is available as a three-and five-door hatchback. The interior has many innovative facilities including a heated steering wheel and the new optional multi-media infotainment system "Touch & Connect", with five inches wide, berührungsgesteuertem display, navigation for 28 European countries, Bluetooth and a USB port for MP3 player or iPod.

Mercedes Viano here restyling

Mercedes has released official images of the Viano restyling, namely the MPV version of the Vito van. The Mercedes Viano was amended in both the front and the rear, through the adoption of the same stylistic canons of the cars of the Star. It has also been further improved the quality of the interior.

However, the biggest news about the mechanical part. In fact, all engines now belong to the family BlueEFFICIENCY eco-friendly. The engines are all Euro 5 compliant and, thanks to a new 6-speed manual transmission with Gear Eco function paired with ECO start / stop, fuel consumption and emissions have decreased in the order of 15%.

Geneva 2011: Volvo V60 shows a diesel plug-in hybrid

Volvo will show at the Motor Show in Geneva (1.-3.13.2011) the V60 as a plug-in hybrid with a diesel engine. The vehicle is a standard consumption of just 1.9 liters per 100 kilometers and have emit 49 grams of CO2 per kilometer. The launch is planned for 2012. The Volvo V60 diesel plug-in hybrid was made in cooperation with the energy supplier Vattenfall.

The front wheels are driven by a modified five-cylinder D5 turbo diesel with 2.4 liters, which provides 158 kW / 215 hp and a maximum torque of 440 Newton meters. At the rear axle, an electric motor operates at 51 kW / 70 hp, which draws its strength from a strong 12 kWh lithium ion battery unit.

Beijing: the way the lottery registrations

During 2010, 240,000 residents of Beijing will win the lottery. Unfortunately for the fortunate, however, no mention of Superenalotto or piles of money that allow you to change your life and not work more: it is just win a chance to register a car. Yes, because in the Chinese capital, there is a real race to the purchase of 4 wheels, whereas the traditional bikes have now found a place in the cellar.

Alfa Romeo, VW: ceding more and more close at hand?

A few days of the shoals at the Detroit Motor Show in denial about a possible sale of Alfa Romeo to Volkswagen Group, the Parties to the Lingotto seems that something is moving in this direction. The conditional is a must, but some sources have assured Motors. it the presence of top VW in Turin last night and this morning.

To confirm the simple "rumors," there are photos of six Porsche Panamera badged Wolfsburg and Leipzig (Porsche factory) in the car park of the former Fiat factory (lastpetrolheads posted by the website), which were seen leaving the manager of Opel. These are the same measures taken in 2009 during the visit of the American consul, after the Fiat-Chrysler.

Alpinestars Ridge: the comfort at the foot

Who likes to ride long distances needs a boot down, thought of for tourism, but above all, comfortable and waterproof, so suitable for all seasons. Alpinestars Ridge is definitely a product that can meet these needs with CE certification, is expected in full-grain leather and lightweight fabric inserts at the top and sides reinforced to support the ankles.

The protection is built for the malleolus and the heel is placed on the inside. The sole is solid rubber and the area in contact with the gear is no further reinforcement. The Drystar waterproof fabric keeps feet dry in any condition but at the same time ensures breathability for maximum comfort.

Spy photo: Smart For-Four

He speaks for a while ', and finally this is the first spy photo that shows her. We talk about the next generation of Smart For-Four, 4-seater city car of the future of Daimler. The previous version has not received the expected success and never managed to attract motorists, which was taken by the sister for-two.

Now Daimler, which owns the brand, will try again today and we can show the shape of the next generation of Smart For-Four. As for the next Class A is a 1:4 scale model, one of those used by homes in wind tunnels, but still faithful to the model that should go into production. What immediately leaps to the eye is like the model is very different to render official published a few months ago.

Gallardo LP 550-2: The Lambo "back"

Can an entry-level version up to embody the meaning of sports car? If the sport in question is a resounding yes Lamborghini. The House of Sant'Agata Bolognese has indeed put a new version on its own market access of the range called Gallardo LP 550-2, which follows closely the mechanics of the special version of the Italian sports "Valentino Balboni, launched last year and characterized by rear-wheel drive only.

Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid

Besides safety, the environment seems to be one of the main lines on which future policy will aim at Volvo. In the upcoming Geneva Motor Show, the Swedish company will present the V60 Plug-in Hybrid, ie plug-in hybrid version of the model family. Can you imagine a vehicle with bodywork households spending less than 2, l/100 km of fuel? Now, Volvo has developed this model with the V60 prototype Plug-in Hybrid, plug-in hybrid version of the car officially debut in the 2011 edition of the Geneva Motor Show.

Blocks of traffic, it's up to Turin

After Milan, which has recently implemented the emergency plan by applying anti-smog traffic jams throughout the municipality, is next to Turin, where the next Sunday, from 10 to 18, cars can not circulate in the capital and in the territories of several municipalities as Beinasco, Borgaro, Carmarthen, Collegno, Grugliasco, Nicholasville, Pinerolo, Rivoli, Seventh and Venaria.

The decision comes after 17 runs compared to the maximum limit of PM10 permitted by the rules and takes the autoveicoliper miratutti of private transport other than those powered by LPG, CNG or hybrid technology equipped, (the latter will be barred in any event 'access to the LTZ Central).

Fiat widens Fiom protests across Italy

Mirafiori The model could be extended to other industries, even outside the universe Fiat. This is the concern of the Fiom, who organized a general strike of lavoratorimetalmeccanici that the strike will start from Emilia Romagna. The appointment with the square has been set for today, but for tomorrow, Friday, abstention and demonstrations will cover various regions and in particular where the factories are located in the Fiat Group, Turin, Cassino, Pomigliano , Termini Imerese, Melfi and Lanciano.

Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4 Bicolore

While the spotlight is focused on the upcoming replacement for the Murcielago, Lamborghini has chosen Qatar Hall to present the Gallardo LP 560-4 Bicolore, a special version of the Italian supercar as smart and aggressive. The Hall of Qatar, 2011 Lamborghini is serving as an appetizer of things to come in Geneva.

If the Swiss capital is expected as water May substitute the premiere of Lamborghini Murcielago in the Arab country has been presented Bicolore Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4, a special edition of Italian sports car aesthetics adjust only offering a very full series. The engine of the Gallardo LP 560-4 Bicolore be the same as the conventional model, ie a 5.2 liter V10 560 hp and can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.7 seconds and reach a top speed 325 km / h.

The Shelby Cobra is celebrating 50 years

It was 1962 when the New York Auto Show was presented with the Shelby Cobra, basic but powerful roadster with a V8 Ford. The next year, then mark the 50th birthday of the car and the Shelby American (subsidiary of Carroll Shelby Internationa) decided to pay homage to produce 50 special models. Each Cobra anniversary will be shell (fiberglass or aluminum, depending on the customer's choice) colored "Shelby Black" and the classic looking 15-inch steel beams.

Geneva 2011: Honda redesigned the Accord

Honda will unveil at the Geneva Motor Show (1.-3.13.2011) the revised Accord. The model is refreshed visually something that gets more efficient engines and optimized chassis. Also the sound insulation has been improved. New to the program, the Accord Type S with 132 kW / 180 hp 2.2 i-DTEC diesel engine.

The new model year must be identified on fine contoured headlamps with clear glass indicators, modified bumpers with more accented air intakes and a full chrome grille. The rear received a decent polish. The upper trim levels Lifestyle, Executive, and Type S have standard bi-xenon headlamps with active light (ACL) and high beam automatic.

VW Race Touareg Touareg Gold Edition 3 Qatar

Volkswagen presents the first edition of the Qatar Motor Show special versions and Race Touareg Touareg Gold Edition 3 Qatar. In both cases, golds and even 24 carat gold is responsible for maximizing the exclusivity and luxury of these two variants of the SUV Germany, suitable only for wealthy economies.

In its objective of further expanding its commercial presence, in fact, the Volkswagen Group aims to become the world leader in sales in 2018 - the consortium based in Wolfsburg (Germany) did not want to miss the first edition of the Qatar Motor Show . In these latitudes, where the oil sheikhs and boast stunning vehicles which more bizarre, Volkswagen has introduced two special versions of the Touareg, called Gold Edition and Race Touareg 3 Qatar.

Smart fortwo Pulse: even more dynamic

In view of the spring Smart fortwo is proposed in an even sportier version of its decoration Pulse, both coupe and convertible, equipped with the Sport Package Plus and renewed in some aesthetic details such as the Appendices to the front and rear and side strips new design that emphasize the cut geometrical lines.

In the shells of the black mirrors and front grille. The 15-inch alloy wheels are 3 double spokes with tires, front to rear 175/55 R 15 195/50 R 15. Sport, the interior with leather steering wheel 3-spoke with gearshift paddles and integral safety seats. Leather and fabric coatings with components in pearl gray, creating a pleasant contrast.

Driving Report Lexus RX 450h: Have fun and savings potential

He is next to the Toyota Prius as a symbol of the hybrid drive, the Lexus RX 450h. At 6.3 liters average consumption according to EU standard, the premium SUV with 143 kW sets / 249 hp gasoline engine and more than 2.1 tonnes unladen weight, the record in the segment. This fabulous value we obtained in the test but not everyday, but any 8.5 to 10.5 liters per 100 kilometers for a car of this class can definitely see, especially in the dormant Lexus not only fuel-saving technology, but also any Mange sporty dynamics.

Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid, ready for Geneva

Volvo is continuing its offensive in the development of hybrid propulsion. After the presentation, key in crash tests, the C30 DRIVe power took place at the Detroit Motor Show, the House of Gothenburg's time to think about the Geneva Motor Show. In the first major European auto event, held March 3 to 13, will present the Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid, "final prototype" (ie, in a configuration already virtually ready for production) of the station wagonrinnovata last fall.

The first teaser of the Toyota FT-86 II

Codename: Toyobaru. Officially known as the Toyota FT-86 II. Possible future name: FR-S. However you call it, the heir to the Toyota Celica is getting closer and looking forward to seeing the upcoming Geneva Motor Show (still in concept) we can see the strokes of the front with the first teaser released by the Japanese.

In fact the car we've seen at the Tokyo Motor Show 2009 and in many the concept that we will see the appointment look like the Swiss, even if there are minor adjustments. Looking at the teaser image that shows the face we see that have been made some (small) changes: the lights have a trapezoidal form, as well as the large lower air intake.

4S Porsche Panamera Middle East Edition

In occasional Qatar Motor Show (26-29 January), presented a special edition Porsche Panamera 4S Middle East Edition, limited release in only 66 specimens, mostly to wealthy Middle Eastern clients and flashy. Aesthetically, the four gates of Zuffenhausen can be recognized by the white Carrera White livery which contrasts with the four alloys in black, while the interior is adorned with red leather upholstery and numerous plates "limited edition", with the number of 'limited edition.

The ecological Volvo V60 plug-in hybrid

The new Volvo V60 plug-in hybrid will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show (3-13 March) and it will be a version almost identical to the one that will go into production in 2012. The Swedish House next year will be the first to be on the market with a hybrid model in this class produced in close collaboration with the Swedish Vattenfall company to supply energy.

Emissions will be below 50 g / km and fuel consumption of over 52 km route with a liter. The pull of the front wheels of the V60 plug-in hybrid is due to a five-cylinder D5 turbo diesel engine 2.4-liter that delivers 215 horsepower and a maximum torque of 440 Nm The rear axle is equipped with ERAD (Electric Rear Axle Drive, electrically powered rear axle) in the form of a 70-horsepower electric motor powered by a lithium-ion battery pack with 12 kWh.

Smart Pulse 2011: small but sporty

During this time, the Daimler Group has launched a massive offensive to open the way for the relaunch of the brand Smart. After the new issues presented in recent weeks, the German group is now ready to bring to market a version of the 2011 Smart Pulse. The car is available to order from February 1 and will debut in adaprile list.

The price was not disclosed, but one can think that will be in line or slightly below, to the Fortwo Nighorange decided for the version presented in recent days, the price starts at € 13,995. This version, designed to carve out a space in the offer of the preparations of the supermini, gives the car a sportier, more in line with other versions of the range.

Maybach supports the Louvre in Paris

As the first car brand Maybach is an official partner of the famous Louvre museum i9n Paris. On the initiative of Maybach are from this year until 2013 in the presentation area below the world-famous glass pyramid, changing exhibitions of sculpture by internationally renowned contemporary artists and sculptors to be seen.

Thus, this area was first used for the construction of the glass pyramid in 1989 for art installations. By working with the Stuttgart luxury brand can be the Louvre Contemporary Art Program to expand. The beginning of the temporary exhibitions under the glass pyramid made yesterday the new, monumental sculpture, "Versus" by Tony Cragg, that he made specifically for his exhibition at the Louvre.

The Tesla arrives in Milan

The Tesla Motors officially arrives in Italy. From December, the European subsidiary of the Californian label based in London has opened its tenth continental dealer in Milan, in the fashionable and extremely central Via Cerva, a few steps from Piazza San Babila. A choice, that of Milan, due to reasons of image and logistics.

The company expects sales of those responsible for the Palo Alto-increasing demands made on the basis of the Roadster from the Lotus Elise just come from the city of fashion and finance. And the emphasis on style is evident in the new showroom: a small room furnished with stylish design and dominated by two Roadster, a real blow and etched in the wall.

ADAC air rescue service: 121 missions per day

Just calculate the helicopters flew the ADAC air rescue in Germany last year 121 applications per day. Overall, completed the 45 yellow 44 083 helicopter missions. Using 40 303 patients were treated. More than half of all air rescue operations (50.7 percent) it was in internal medicine emergencies such as acute heart disease or stroke.

With over 16 percent of the Yellow angels were called to accidents that occurred at work, at school, at leisure or at home. Ten percent of the missions took place on traffic accidents, twelve percent due to neurological emergencies. Most operations had "Christoph 31" in Berlin with 2334 pieces.

Renault espionage: every blown worth € 50,000

The information that Renault's senior management would have passed to the competition each worth € 50,000. A small number after all, if you think that investment in development of electric cars are much, much higher. Based on reconstructions made in France, the money from the tip-off and were kept in Swiss bank accounts in Liechtenstein through intermediaries based in China and Malta.

It 'just this passage suggests that Chinese investigators that the information be sold or go directly to any company competing in the shadow of the Great Wall if not even more manufacturing companies hungry for Western technology. Nothing has yet been tried, because it will not be easy to reconstruct the mechanisms of this real case of industrial espionage worthy of a James Bond movie.

TomTom Traffic Stats: Traffic data for companies

At the annual meeting of the Board of Transport Research being held in Washington, TomTom introduced the TomTom Traffic Stats project, a database that advertises itself as the largest ever and will end when 3,000 billion measure to which it 3 more added every day and a half billion. The ambitious TomTom database will be made available to governments, institutions, companies and academics on issues related to traffic, providing a valuable contribution to all operators constantly updated.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Volkswagen Race Touareg Qatar and 3 Gold Edition

We have just opened the first of the Qatar Motor Show (organized by GL Events, the same one that organizes the event of Bologna) and already one sees the beautiful as the special presented by Volkswagen Touareg prototypes. SUV are both extremes, with four-wheel drive and uncompromising. The first of two concept car is a road version of the Race Touareg in early January that addressed the Dakar Rally.

Fiat: 2011 a year of transition

From some of the statements made recently by Andrew Formica, for Fiat Automobiles, the newspaper La Repubblica can trace the outlines more or less clear that the production of the Fiat brand by 2012 and 2013. We must say that the "here" is not much reassuring. The year 2011 is considered a transition year and will see the memory models such as Croma, Multipla Seicento and Punto Classic, which in 2010 totaled about 50 thousand units sold.

Toyota FT-86 II: the first teaser of the new coup

Pending the official launch date for the upcoming Geneva Motor Show (3-13 March), Toyota released the first teaser of the FT-86 II, rear-drive coupe that will take the post left vacant by the Celica, leaving the scene in 2005 after seven generations produced in 35-year career. FT-86 derived from the concept presented at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2009, the Japanese sporting future is little more than four meters and shares many components with the upcoming rear-drive coupe Subaru signed, also in the odor of official submission to the festival Switzerland.

Opel launches "Design Edition"

Opel launches the special edition series "Design Edition". It provides, Astra, Meriva, Zafira, Insignia and Antara Vivaro Combi leather steering wheel, fog lamps, dark tinted windows in the rear and 16 - or 17-inch alloy wheels or design. Further customization possibilities to address the three optional design packages Style, Sportive and performance.

Thus, price advantages of up to € 3915. There is for example the design package style for the Opel Astra with adaptive headlights AFL + and nine lighting functions, auto-dimming interior mirror, rain sensor, automatic headlights with tunnel detection and 18-inch alloy wheels for 1600 euros, much cheaper than when ordered.

Volkswagen XL1: the car from 1 km to litro/100

At the Qatar Motor Show, Volkswagen presented a concept car XL1, the third evolution of the car from "1 liter per 100 km," personal dream of President Ferdinand Piech. This is the reply from Wolfsburg to the mobility of the future: the car consumes just 0.9 liters of diesel per 100 km and emits only 24 grams of CO2 per kilometer.

The XL1 is a Volkswagen hybrid car Plug-In, already approved and equipped with the Euro 6 cylinder engine 800 hp TDI with 48, combined with an electric engine by 27 hp and the double-clutch gearbox DSG 7-speed. The electric motor is powered by lithium ion batteries and can travel in electric mode for up to 35 km.

ADAC: Gasoline is too expensive

The car drivers in Germany currently pay estimated by the ADAC refueling significantly increased prices. How the Automobile Association has announced that the price dropped for a liter of premium gasoline within a week but up 1.2 cents to an average of 1.488 €, the fall in gasoline, however, would have to be even stronger, because while the procurement cost of Brent crude oil for three to $ 95 per barrel decreased.

Honda Accord: 2011 Geneva restyling

Honda will present the famous stage of the Geneva Motor Show (3-13 March) the redesign of the Accord mid-career back in 2008. The changes include some cosmetic measures, the introduction of a new engine and the optimization of the 2.2-liter i-DTEC diesel, for both the sedan and its station wagon variant.

Founded in 1976 and already proposed in 8 generations, the Accord model year 2011 updated the design of the front and rear bumpers, and gains a redesigned grille that separates the new bi-xenon headlamps with dynamic light, while the body is coupled with new liveries Alabaster Silver, Graphite Gloss Celestial Blue Pearl.

Volkswagen Golf VII in 2012

Even two years at most and will the new Volkswagen Golf. The news is Automobilwoche, citing a source inside the German company that the seventh generation of the average Wolfsburg should arrive within a couple of years. The next generation Volkswagen Golf will be the first to use the new modular platform called "MQB", which will serve as the basis for other models.

With the new platform, the German giant would be able to reduce development costs for new models. The first car of the group to use the MQB modular platform will be the future Audi A3, planned for summer of 2012. Volkswagen Golf VII will offer the traditional petrol and diesel engines, and the new hybrid and electric systems.

Alfa Romeo: top 170,000 units in 2011

While continuing to chase rumors of a possible real or alleged sale of Alfa Romeo to Volkswagen, the House of Alfa enacts il2011 sales target and strategy for the next two years. "For this year - said the CEO Harald Wester - share the goal is to reach 165 to 170,000 cars sold." Given what happened with the 2010 estimates of Juliet, which have been fully met, the parties believe that in 2011 the Lingotto can happen too.

Aston Martin V8 Vantage S, the debut in Geneva

Aston Martin will present a few weeks at the Geneva Motor Show (3-13 March), the new V8 Vantage S, special display dedicated to the smallest of Aston, aesthetics inspired by the powerful 510 hp V12 Vantage is available in both coupe that spider. Aesthetically, the new Anglo-Saxon sport gains new bumper fascia with integrated spoiler, while inside the car the sporty elegance typical Aston Martin is enhanced by the new two-tone leather sports seats and high-containment and embellished with stitches.

Rizoma Yamaha for FZ8

The FZ8 Yamaha started the conquest of one area of medium capacity, which is a big success. Rhizome has thought of the new naked to prepare a kit to make it even stronger character and make it even more personal. One of the most interesting pieces of kit is the holder Fox, which costs € 149, full plate holder, plate light, reflective arrows that supports, among the various adjustments available, also includes the possibility of being adjusted in the longitudinal direction with respect to 'rear axle.

F1: Ferrari F150 celebrates the unification of Italy

On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy, Ferrari's contribution will be to celebrate this national event. Yesterday, in the presence of President Giorgio Napolitano, the Maranello has unveiled the name of his car as it prepares to take the 2011 championship of Formula 1. Therefore, the F150 will be the new Italian red has always been one of the brands have brought up the name of Italy around the world, as summarized by the same Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, the Ferrari will officially launch Friday during an event that will be broadcast live on Rai 2 and on the Ferrari website.

Pagani Huayra

6.0 V12 biturbo engine source for 700 hp AMG Mercedes, spectacular design and open system Gullwing, this is the most excellent letter introducing the stunning Pagani Huayra, the new Italian supercar builder. What do you think? Leave your comments, the most interesting will be published in the journal Hwy.

Alternatively, this news debate on our forums. Pagani continues to make great gifts for car enthusiasts dream. In the next edition of the Geneva Motor Show, presented as a great novelty Huayra supercar. The name of this car has been carefully selected because 'Huayra Tata' refers to the God of Wind in the mythology of the Aymara (an indigenous South American who lived in parts of Peru, Chile, Bolivia and Argentina).

VW XL1: Night Shift

Remember the VW 1-liter car, the MINIAUTO with two seats in tandem in 2002, the German tycoon Ferdinand Piech drove from Wolfsburg to Hamburg achieved with single-cylinder 300 hp and 8.5 cm3, the stunning result of travel 112.35 km / liter? Well the VW lounge of Qatar made what will be the production version of the 1-liter car and the following L1 of 2009, the XL1, which will average consumption of 0.9 litres/100 km , ie 111.11 km / liter.

Press Launch Audi A6: projection on the information highway

More than seven million vehicles from the upper middle class, Audi has taken since the first Audi 100 to the man. In March, now is the seventh generation of the "most successful business sedan in the world" (Original Audi) when trading on the grid: the new Audi A6. Of course, expect a continuation of the Ingolstadt-based success story of the A6 and the entire program.

Development Director Michael Dick named at the press presentation of the A6 is now the goal: to After 1.1 million vehicles in 2010, there are more this year, 100 000. The new Audi A6 is to contribute to this ambitious plan a major contribution. First of five engines will be available for election: two petrol and three diesel.

Smart, Tour of Italy with zero emissions

He left Milan on 14 January, the Smart Electric Drive Roadshow, the long demonstration tour to Italy built by Daimler to promote the Smart Fortwo ED. In addition to touch the battery-powered two-seater, the Smart Visitors Center that will host the tour stops will have the opportunity to experience the city cars and have detailed information on technical and commercial future of zero-emission mobility.

Mercedes-Benz SLK 2011: prices in Spain

The subsidiary of German manufacturer publishes the prices at which markets the new generation Mercedes SLK. From 42,300 euros, the model released in 2011 is available in three mechanical versions in the Spanish market. What do you think? Leave your comments, the most interesting will be published in the journal Hwy.

Alternatively, this news debate on our forums. The third generation of one of the flagship models of the manufacturer of the star has already priced in our country, starting from 42,300 euros. Of course, even on the presentations, we talk about the Mercedes-Benz SLK. The German roadster is shown to the world as a completely new car, both aesthetically and mechanically speaking.

Aston Martin V8 Vantage S: sporty

A more powerful and lighter than the base is added to the range of V8 Aston Martin V8 Vantage is the S, given that both roadster coupe, with a more powerful 4.7-liter engine, 436 horsepower at 7300 rpm and 490 Nm of torque at 5000 rpm, coupled with an unprecedented semi-automatic transmission Sportshift II 7-speed set-up specifically for this model which allows gear changes faster than 20 percent.

Ratings: making the accident costs for tax purposes

Especially in winter there are many weather-related accidents. Usually engages in foreign damage the motor vehicle liability insurance. For bumps and scratches to your own vehicle is - if any - the insurance charge. But help has come not only from the car insurance. In certain cases, but the Tax Office help to mitigate the damage.

Warns the Society for Technical Supervision (GTÜ) out. The tax offer, according to the Stuttgart test and expert organization in the following cases, financial assistance to: Construction workers on the way to work in a trip home in the second household, or a professional driving in an accident or are involved in a, they can that the cost of the tax office as a business expense to make tax deductible.

There comes a restyling of the Honda Accord

The new Honda Accord will arrive in showrooms during the month of September and will feature several styling changes both outside and inside the vehicle and engines that improve, particularly its emissions figures. The trademark style incorporates minor changes to the Honda Accord in a restyling that we see in showrooms from September.

Both saloon and estate versions will sport a new design and optical buffers. The headlights are a lighter color and high-end versions will incorporate bi-xenon lights and Active Drawing lights to increase visibility at night. Regarding the grill, chrome bars are added to accentuate its sports line.

Lexus IS 250 is recalling the

As the parent company for Toyota Avensis also has the subsidiary Lexus start a recall campaign. At IS 250, the pressure sensor on the fuel line of fuel injection are reviewed. The affected vehicles, the sensor could not have been under the production tightened to the specified torque. This can lead to leaks, which can be detected by a noticeable fuel odor in the interior.

As part of the recall is the torque of the fuel pressure sensor checked and corrected if necessary. The workshop visit takes about an hour and is free to the customer. The recall applies to vehicles of the type IS 250, in the period 31 August 2007 to third produced February 2009. In Germany, around 660 vehicles are affected, Europe 10 288 units.

Toyota and Lexus: new recall of 1.7 million cars

New recall for Toyota vehicles: the accelerator after the problems, solutions have less than a year ago, is now the turn of possible fuel leaks that could affect 1.2 million cars in Japan and 421,000 in countries such as USA, Canada and Germany. Meanwhile, the House ran for cover through this measure, after being contacted by dozens of customers (119 to be exact) that they had found the same phenomenon.

Special Series Selection for Citron C3

Citroen launches special series Selection for C3, which incorporates additional equipment to improve the external image of French urban model in respect of which already had its SX trim. Will be available from 11,900 euros. Citroën launches a special series called Selection for the C3 range, which incorporates additional equipment and improves the image on the SX trim exterior.

Thus, the outside will see a new 16-inch wheels, sobretintadas rear windows and chrome accents on door handles or the base of the exterior mirrors. Inside, the new features are upholstery Fyber / Narbonne and the trim of the dashboard in glossy black. The new special edition consists of two sets of equipment: Selection and Selection Plus.

Toyota to recall, in possibly Ford

Continue the recall in the world. Toyota star once again, in a workshop that drew 1 million 200 thousand cars in Japan and other 421 000 in the U.S. and Europe due to a possible fuel leak. The information comes from the Japanese Ministry of Transport and covers 16 different models (it has not been officially informed which) produced between May 2000 and October 2008.

The problem is the primary feed pump in the tank and a connecting pipe, the reported events are little more than a hundred left without any attached to them. Italy in the recall covers only 52 cars, the applicants were advised by letter. In the U.S., however, Ford is under review by the 'authority to protect the security for securing the wheels of the 2010 model Fusion, one of the protagonists of the revival of the House, last year sold over 220.00 copies.

Geneva 2011: Subaru Impreza Concept and provides Trezia ago

Subaru will unveil at the Geneva Autombilsalon (1.-3.13.2011) the Impreza Concept. The study provides outlook for the future design of the series. In addition, the small car Trezia is shown. Presents the world premiere of his four-wheel specialist "Subaru Rear-Wheel Drive Sports Car Concept Technology.

Behind it lies the concept of a jointly developed with Toyota Sport model with rear-wheel drive. The Impreza four-seater concept is to embody the new brand slogan 'Confidence in Motion "(confidence in movement) and the interior is designed for greater comfort. The 4.52-meter-long vehicle powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder boxer engine and CVT automatic transmission.

Pagani Huayra: faster than the wind

We thought of having to wait more, and instead we can already see the first official images of the Pagani Huayra, the new creature of the Modenese manufacturer Horacio Pagani. The Huayra (which takes its name from Huayra Tata, the population of the Aymara god of wind) takes the place of the Zonda supercar and it replaces it takes some stylistic elements, such as bi-xenon headlights (from Zonda R) and the four terminal drain embedded in a circular element.

Toyota is recalling Avensis

Toyota calls worldwide over 1.3 million back Avensis. These are the models with 2.0-liter and 2.4 liter gasoline direct injection engines that were produced between July 2000 and September 2008. In Germany, 23 527 cars are affected first and second generation model, in Europe there are 135 040 vehicles.

By varying the chlorine content in the fuel can, a sealing ring on the non-return valve of the high-pressure fuel pump and the high-pressure fuel line in those engines have become brittle and may result in leaks. Worldwide customers in 117 cases have challenged the fuel smell is in Europe so far no case is known.

Toyota Rav4: LPG "beats" the diesel

After his incentives to end 2009, the GPL is no longer fashionable. Yet the adoption of LPG can still produce significant benefits in economic terms even without state or local facilities, for much more present. To confirm the convenience of LPG is an unusual version of the Toyota Rav4 2.0 VVT-i Crossoverconvertita Exclusive Auto LPG from Tartarini, historical Emilia company of the gas, we tried to Bologna.

Aston Martin Vantage S launches

Aston Martin launches the V8 Vantage S, a sporty version of the British brand model that incorporates a 4-liter V8 engine that delivers an output of 430 hp, mated to a gearbox seven Sportshift II relationships. The British car manufacturer Aston Martin has submitted a sportier version of the Vantage, V8 Vantage S.

This new model features a powerful V8 gasoline engine 4 liter that delivers 430 hp power. This engine is associated with a sports gearbox Sportshift II has been designed especially for this version of the Vantage, which has seven relations. The Aston Martin CEO Ulrich Bez said the Aston Martin Vantage S improves every aspect of the conventional version of Vantage and enhances the driving experience beyond that offered so far.

Audi says no to a city car, but think of the Q1

Audi CEO Rupert Stadler has denied that the plans of the house there is the launch of a city car that was to be placed, according to rumors, behind the existing A1. Stadler, however, clarified that this does not mean that Audi does not provide for the implementation of other compact models. For some time it was rumored that Audi was studying a city car based on VW Up platform with Skoda and possibly also in the Seat.

Volkswagen is new 1-liter car

Volkswagen yesterday unveiled on the eve of the Qatar Motor Show (26 to 29/01/2011) to further study of its 1-liter car. Which is designed as a plug-in hybrid vehicle is a standard average consumption of 0.9 liters per 100 kilometers and have thus emit only 24 grams of CO2 per kilometer. Was powered by a twin-cylinder TDI used with 35 kW / 48 hp and a 20 kW / 27 hp electric motor.

It is shifted over a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox (DSG). Also contribute to the efficiency of the lightweight parts made with carbon fiber reinforced plastic and the drag coefficient of 0.186 at. The lithium ion battery allows up to 35 kilometers to drive on electric power. While driver and front passenger in 2002 featured 1-liter car and the 2009 L1 presented in favor of vehicle aerodynamics still sat behind the other, the two passengers in the new XL1 can now, as usual, are sitting together.

Porsche 911 Black Edition

Porsche will launch next spring special edition Black Edition for the Carrera Coupe and Carrera Cabriolet. With production limited to 1,911 units, for the Spanish market prices are 96,605 euros for the Coupé and EUR 109,217 for the convertible version. What do you think? Leave your comments, the most interesting will be published in the journal Hwy.

Alternatively, this news debate on our forums. More salt and pepper into the Porsche range. Starting next spring, will begin shipping the special series Black Edition for Carrera Coupe and Carrera Cabriolet. This special edition is distinguished by its exclusive equipment both outside and inside.

F1: Fisichella road accident

Giancarlo Fisichella has been involved in a traffic accident north of Rome (near Autodromo di Vallelunga). In particular, the pilot would have thirty-eight-buffered a lady of 52 years. Fortunately, neither the woman taken to hospital only as a preventive measure or for the pilot, there were no physical consequences.

According to the Roman driver, who was driving a white Ferrari 458, to cause the incident was triggered by a long tail roadworks. In practice, despite the experience on the track and alertness out of the ordinary, "Physical" would not be able to stop his car in time. A story that should give pause to the most experienced drivers on how difficult, even for a driving ace, avoid sudden dangers that the streets open to traffic can generate.

Alfa Romeo: a new concept in Geneva?

Just a little teaser to turn the spotlight on Alfa Romeo. On the web was released a partial picture of the classic Alfa shield that might be what the future Gta 4C, a concept which, according to the latest rumors (unconfirmed officially) will debut at the prestigious Geneva Motor Show (scheduled for March 3 to 13 next ).

Even more interesting are the technical details of the new car which should be based on the platform and the body of the light KTM X-Bow hypothetical starting point for future development is also an Abarth Coupe. Alfa Romeo Gta 4C should the intention of the leaders of the House alongside her older sister 8C Competizione, an exclusive sport, which has renewed the glories of the mark in Arese.

XL1 Volkswagen, the car that consumes less than one liter

Volkswagen is in its third prototype with a consumption of one liter of diesel per hundred kilometers. Now comes the XL1 and ten percent lower. Are not real consumption? As much as the approving your car or mine. The XL1 Volkswagen is only a concept car. A study to test the feasibility of a proposal, either in style, whether mechanical, more ambitious, as is the XL1, which advances such as the mobility of the future.

UAE plates are ... auction

United Arab Emirates, the home par excellence of ostentatious wealth, it is fashionable require special license plates for "tailor" their car. The problem is that to obtain such license plates with numbers or letters ad hoc, some people are willing to spend considerable figures, if not astronomical in some cases exceed the value of the car in which they are mounted.

To a man, just released from a shopping center, were offered the equivalent of 4,000 EURO / assign the license plate of his car, whose combination of letters and numbers, of course, had a special meaning to the "buyer". But even this figure is paltry compared to that paid out three years ago by a wealthy motorist, who simply grabbing the plate marked with the number 1 paid the equivalent of 10 million €.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Brembo Life Jacket: the quilt with the airbag

Jackets in the collection Brembo Life Jacket are dedicated to motorcyclists and scooter riders and hide an airbag that in the event of an accident, will start immediately using a special device, it swells and protects the upper body. The collection includes jackets, modern design, ideal for wearing in town who also loves to be stylish as well as safe.

In fact it is in a city that has the highest number of accidents involving motorcycles: in Italy more than 85% of claims is in urban areas and over 75% at a speed exceeding 50 km / h. Life Jacket Brembo is able to protect the torso, chest and back, neck and head, that is, those parts of the body suffering almost 50% of the lesions, which are also the most serious accident.

Ferrari FF: released new photos

The presentation of the new Ferrari FF, the first mass-produced sport of Horse to be equipped with four-wheel drive is taking place literally in installments. " After a first taste nice to the fans and enthusiasts with the publication on the official website of the House of Maranello, the first three photos show the line of the new model, Ferrari has released four new photos, including one with the elegant iron gray Met.

Toyota Verso-S: compact MPV to 14,500 €

After nearly five years of absence, with the new Toyota Verso-S returns to the compact MPV segment, abandoned with the disappearance of the unfortunate Yaris Verso, good car, but probably not popular because of some design solutions are not too happy . Now that the timing of the compact MPV seem more mature, the new To-S will face plenty of competition offered dell'agguerrita, represented by models like the Opel Meriva, Kia and Hyundai ix20 Come, just to name a few, which seem have well understood the needs of motorists in the city, always in need of more spacious car, but the compact dimensions, able to cope with increasing ease traffic congestion.

VW: the Golf VII could arrive already in 2012

Following the success that the Volkswagen Golf is going to have in Europe, the House of Wolfsburg is thinking to anticipate the release of the seventh generation to market a product's new and modern in the shortest possible time. Therefore, at the end of 2012 VW put on the road this new product, thereby shortening the life of the previous version, from October 2008.

But everything is about even with an economic motive: the Golf 7 would begin in a brand new chassis, common to that of the Audi A3, whose third generation is expected in the summer of 2012. The new platform (the initials of the project is MQB modular transverse or floor) should provide a significant reduction in design costs and production, as it will be used to assemble 37 models of 5 marks for a total of about 3 million units produced each year.

Spy photo: Mercedes A Class

After much talk, here at last are the first spy photo depicting the next generation Mercedes A-Class. Who cares if it is a 1:4 scale model. Our photographers have managed to capture the shapes of the future of the small house of the star, in what should be its MPV variant. We know from recent (and never denied) rumors that the next generation Mercedes A-Class will not be satisfied out of the market in two variants (3:05 doors), but will create a large and diverse family of models.

Peugeot offers free "all-Check"

In many places, snow and ice roads have greatly added. Even on cars that such events do not go off without a trace. Peugeot therefore offers up to 31 March 2011, a free "all-Check". All participating contractors and check this body art is free for any winter damage, the control should be imposed only for small repairs incurred material costs.

The "all-Check" appear in a visual inspection, for example, the cooling system and checked all the hydraulic lines for leaks, put the wiper blades and windshield washer under the microscope and checked the oil level and all fluid levels. The inspection of the exhaust system and an external visual inspection of the braking system are also part of the review.

Volkswagen had a two-layer system for the Phaeton

Due to the increasing demand made from the Volkswagen Phaeton in the Transparent Factory in Dresden, now in two shifts. 2010 were around 7500 Phaeton with so many cars like never before produced a year. In 2011 a further increase is expected. Production starts daily at 6 clock in the morning and ends by 23 clock.

Friday ends the second layer by 21 clock. Each working 48 Phaeton are currently assembled by hand. Since the hotel opened on 11 December 2001 are now more than 50,000 Phaeton was built. In the Transparent Factory in Dresden, about 500 people are employed. Guided tours are offered seven days a week from 9 bis 18 clock.

Toyota is still number one

Toyota is still the world's largest producer of automobiles. In 2010, in fact, even in the face of the reliability problems that have plagued some of its cars, has sold 8.39 million cars, slightly surpassing the historic enemy that GM remains in second place. The result was achieved with a view to overall reduction in turnover, which coincided with a stagnation in the U.S.

and a decrease of 11% in Europe, the market more difficult. On the other hand, sales have increased by 14% in Japan, China, 19% and 24% in other Asian countries. The result is not of those who allow celebrations to Toyota. According to the official spokesman Paul Nolasco, in fact, the record is not a result for the group, which aims instead to excel in the level of customer satisfaction and service.

Mercedes-Benz CLS receives environmental certification

The Mercedes-Benz CLS has been given by TÜV Süd certifies a high environmental impact. The new model, on 29 January 2011 comes on the market, was awarded the environmental certification of the ISO standard 14062nd The award is based on a balance sheet, in which the environmental effects test from production through to operation and ELV recycling.

Looking at the entire life cycle of the Mercedes-Benz CLS by the production and use over 250 000 miles to the new model for recovery 30 percent less CO2 emissions than its predecessor to enter the market in 2004. With respect to total nitrogen oxide emissions, the reduction is 21 percent.

SLC K300, the microcar carbon fiber

The website presents its manufacturer as "the safest in its class minicar," perhaps in response to the many controversies that are sometimes seen on the security object vehicles of this type. But of course, the SLC K300 is no lack of content of some interest. The two-seat microcar of ATR, a company specializing in the manufacture of composite fibers, is only eight feet long and has a total weight of 300 kilograms, but its peculiarity, perhaps in part that justifies the price of 20,000 €, is to be made of carbon fiber.

Peugeot 508: to travel without stress

It will also be a segment named the''d ',' mid-sized sedan from the family, which has thinned quite a bit 'in recent years (worth 23% of the EU market in 2000, today 17%), all for the benefit of SUVs and crossovers. However, it seems more fierce than ever and the latest proposals (C5, the Insignia, Passat, Mondeo), including those of the so-called liners, are of much higher level than in the recent past.

Too many cars, a few streets. And the rooms RC Cars

Prizes RC car of the Italian companies would be too high also because of an infrastructure gap that separates us from other European countries. In short: in Italy there are few roads and too many vehicles, with the result that the probability of having an accident is higher than countries like France, where successive governments have invested heavily in roads and railways.

To support this thesis - which moreover is seen crossing the border between Italy and France - is Elio Pugliese, president of the European Union insurers sent a letter to the Minister of Economic Development and the President dell'Isvap Paolo Romani, Giancarlo Giannini, making this situation.

Pagani Huayra: the teaser

Stands closer to the debut of Huayra Pagani, Zonda heir of the legendary, now ready for retirement. The new supercar from Modena in fact be presented at the next Geneva Motor Show, but even now we can try to guess the shape thanks to some sketches of the car appeared on the official microsite where you can see 4 video teaser.

The forms should be in some ways similar to the Zonda, with round headlights and a line very aerodynamic. The interior seems to be a bit 'less spartan, with a steering wheel more elegant, with buttons for commands that certain features. Center console and dashboard instead appear to be more in line with the aspect racing car: the quadrant circular design and massive use of carbon.

Guide: How to decrease fuel costs

Rising gas prices annoy the driver, and further price increases are only a matter of time. With environmentally friendly driving, deliberate tanking, a clever trip planning or a conversion to gas, the effects of recent price increases to reduce the budget. To a certain extent independent of the price spiral could make motorists when their own driving habits even take a very close look and see what can do about it.

Mercedes-Benz Museum opens new showroom

If this coming Saturday the 125th Anniversary of the invention of the automobile by Karl Benz is celebrated, Mercedes-Benz expands a day later his museum. From 30 January 2011, the new showroom Myth 6 "move - The road to zero-emission mobility," opened. It provides answers to the questions on the drive technologies of tomorrow.

On the chronological path through the decades of the space Myth 6 on hand shows five car exhibits the drive variants of the future of optimized combustion engine through the hybrid to electric drive and fuel cells. Surrounded is the space of a timeline, with over 60 monitors to inform the more than 125 years of drive technology.

Porsche 911 Black Edition: Only 1911 copies blacks

Unaserie Special eternal "outboard" of Zuffenhausen. This is the Porsche 911 Black Edition, announced in recent days by the German company and will make its debut in April, on the whole European market. The special series based on the Carrera, it keeps the mechanics but uses a variety of exclusive productions that justify their name.

From the outer appearance, which gave the 911 a livery all in black, a color that is retained perl'abitacolo. Richer, however, the construction. Porsche 911 Black Edition will be produced 1,911 copies, split between coupe and convertible, at a price which will start from € 87,212. Aesthetically speaking, the difference that jumps over the eye, and which gives its name to this special series, is the dominant color, black (on request you can order a Basalt Black metallic color).