Friday, July 29, 2011

Diesel engines? Dangerous for the heart

Diesel Engines and health do not mix. The warning is the University of Edinburgh, who published a study that closely correlate the nanoparticles emitted from diesel vehicles and heart attacks caused by blood clots caused by air pollution. The Scottish University has monitored several volunteers living in urban areas by comparing the reactions of those who had been in contact with the exhaust gases of diesel engines, which contain large particles that penetrate one thousandth of a millimeter in the lungs directly influencing blood pressure and transported directly into the cells of known harmful substances in the human body.

The solution of the problem? "Still have not found - said Jeremy Pearson of the British Heart Foundation - although the way to get through the elimination of these nanoparticles by Gasi exhaust of motor vehicles, perhaps at source ie by eliminating substances that generate or forcing manufacturers to add filters in the exhaust pipes or devices that do not do them out of the air.

" Do not achieve this purpose the filters, that reduce the diameter of the particles making them even more insidious to the lungs.

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