Friday, July 22, 2011

Ferrari 458 Italy Grand Am, thrill to the limit

For fans of the most exciting car circuit, with you all the new Ferrari 459 Italy Grand Am, with 500 hp V8 engine modified and based on the GT3 version of the FIA World Championship. This new variant has been designed in order to compete as equals with American thoroughbreds. Ferrari and the Italian coach Michelotto Automobili have been put to work to give life to a real monster of circuits: the new F 458 Italia Grand Am This jewel of engineering is based in turn on the existing 458 GT3 Italy.

In the case of the Grand Am, it has a number of technical specifications to meet the technical and safety standards of American racing. Let's start the engine. The Ferrari F 458 Italia Grand Am, 4.5 V8 engine known now offers 500 horsepower, instead of 570 hp production model, with a limit of 8,000 rpm at maximum rpm.

On the other hand, highlights the lack of safety systems and driver assistance such as ABS braking and traction control. Inside, the Ferrari F 458 Italia Grand Am has a roll bar that gives more protection in side collisions. As for the tires, has built a specialist manufactured by Continental, the official supplier of the American championship.

These tires have a very hard compound in accordance with existing regulations. The new F 458 Italia Grand Am has already filmed the first kilometers at high speeds, particularly on the track at Fiorano (Italy). Pilots Jaime Melo Maurizio mediocrity and have had the honor of being the first to squeeze all the potential of this adrenaline-generating machine.

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