Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lexus GS teaser video and photos of the interior

First official teaser video dedicated to the new Lexus GS will be presented as a show car at Pebble Beach next month. Motor Trend has had the opportunity to try a pre-series of the car, taking unprecedented photos of the interior, practically undressed. The target is to increase exponentially Lexus sales and gain market share from the German competition, still far ahead in terms of the market.

As mentioned yesterday, the Japanese company wants to focus all'emozionalità of its products not only in style but also for the pleasure of driving. The intention is to combine the comfort so typical of a Lexus car all'handling such as the BMW. To do this, the GS, the first product in the home with this philosophy, is built on a new platform with completely new suspension and significantly lighter.

The new car retains the dimensions of that emerging with regard to length and step: instead of the front overhang is shortened (-1cm) with a corresponding slight increase in the rear. It grows in height and width of 3 cm 2. The front seats are now slightly sunken, closer to the center of gravity of the car.

The roadways have increased in proportion: the front is wider than about 4 cm while the rear of 5. The interiors are very carefully researched and seem to mix Eastern and Western taste in the mix at first sight that is very successful high-tech elegance, and its points of strength. At a fairly conventional instrument panel is flanked by a navigation and entertainment system from substantial size screen, housed in the now inevitable central eyelid.

Under it are a clock flanked by circular vents that surround the rectangular panel, the air conditioner. Large central tunnel which houses the controls of the transmission and, apparently, as the system board. At first glance the build quality and materials used seem to be at least the same level as the best German competition.

Under the hood, the first rumors, there will be no V8 engines in their place a hybrid powertrain consists of the known 3.5-liter V6 mated to a electric module. A solution that can guarantee power and performance that will be revealed only at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Extensive possibilities for adjustment of the chassis and delivery of power.

We must however understand that engine will adopt the F version, called to deal with more pepper Audi, Mercedes and BMW. The first pre-judgments about this are more than positive: the car is immediately more alive of the old generation is more agile and generates more grip in the face of an increased ability to absorb bumps.

The sportiest version in the range will be equipped with wheels 19 "and" Lexus Dynamic Handling System ", a system that allows to change the suspension settings and the degree of steering assistance. Optional rear-wheel steering device.

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