Thursday, July 21, 2011

Nissan 350Z with a scary accident

In this video a Nissan 350Z is involved in a frightening accident, as it was spectacular: in the clip, taken from CCTV cameras in a parking lot, you see the crash the car against the wall that borders the parking area from the road. The impact of Japan's coupe, which has already started to coat the first impact is so strong that the wall and the force of impact causing a violent reversal of the car further and catapult you into the car park itself.

Fortunately the area of "landing" is clear of other people or cars. Miraculously, the driver also released unharmed. If you are wondering the wild in the video is not a Porsche 911, look closely at the clip between the fourth and fifth seconds: the belly of the car reveals an exhaust system that starts at the beginning of the front axle.

Sign of a car with the engine placed in front of the cockpit and rear cantilever as the 911, either centrally as the Cayman.

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