Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hyundai i10

It is manufactured in India and comes with a new image, both internally and externally. Most striking, the very front twinned with the rest of the range. Hyundai We explain that since the segment of small 94 percent of sales are for petrol models, no longer made sense to bring the diesel engine. And if it makes sense in a market like the Spanish, as a lover of Diesel with or without economic justification ...

Too bad that the elimination of versions, with the cost savings involved, it is reflected in the price. As you enter the website's claim i10 Hyundai outgoing with 7,900 euros, is a powerful alternative to buying a used one. Just this is what can be attributed to the new i10, which starts above 10,000 and exceeded the 11,500 euros in the version we were able to drive (although they advertise a launch campaign with a discount of 1,400 euros), a decently equipped version 1.2 with a 87-hp engine the most predisposed to go out road, its dynamism at legal speeds.

To address this possible purpose traveler-even once a year, have hardened the suspensions, which are firm, although speed may be too low. Especially because the price is justified because these cars are rarely the first car or the car first access to the car, but most buyers have years of cars behind them and choose a segment A new benefit of the five year warranty from Hyundai, when they "do not need more body." And these customers usually know what is comfort.

As if the grandchildren, is approved for five seats and keeps the trunk of 225 liters, remarkable for a car of 3, 5 meters (about 140 approves a Aygo only slightly shorter). There is also a smaller engine, the engine Epsilon 1.1, three valves per cylinder already known. It is also a four-cylinder, now offers a power of 68 horses, two more than before, but instead of raising his regime of torque from 2,800 to 4,500 rpm.

We could not drive it, but presumably require even greater use change and reduce their consumption does not officially get the latest 1.2. This version only in Classic finish and includes a gear shift indicator in the instrument panel and USB and auxiliary jacks for audio. The presentation of the 1.2 Comfort finish is visually appealing, including steering wheel and between the security not only have side and curtain airbags, active head restraints also.

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