Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Chrysler: 18 new models

There is an air of excitement in Auburn Hills headquarters in the Chrysler designers are working on 18 new vehicles, divided among 13 new models and 5 restyling. The new group will cover all models, including the heir to the Dodge Caliber platform designed from the beginning of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta.

Although not yet know the exact list of new models, confirmation of production of 18 new confirmed the health of the Chrysler Group "saved" by Sergio Marchionne has reversed course in less than 24 months, from a trademark close to the failure of a company capable of such profits. And what happens on the other side of the Atlantic? The situation is very different in Turin: Mirafiori working on the new point (called progettualmente 316), the movolume L0 and the new Panda, expected to debut at Frankfurt in 2011 to start next September 15.

Although the models provided for Italy it is among those promised by Marchionne, the difference in projects "on the table" (3 for 18 against the Fiat Americans) suggests that over time the focus of the group is moving more and more to the United States, Italy and relegated to a secondary role in its industry.

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