Sunday, April 17, 2011

The new Batmobile? The draw fans

A superhero is not such if it is agile and quick to intervene where there required his presence. But if the superhero in question does not fly or has no skills which increase the quality of movement here must be a valid means of transport, preferably on all four wheels. The result is one of the most beautiful cars of the science fiction genre devoted to superheroes: the Batmobile, that the car used by his companies told Batman comics and movies with great success by all ages.

The famous "man-bat" has in fact always had, in any adventure, the support of his special car. A car entered the myth as its famous owner. So, to pay tribute to the Batmobile, a U.S. site has seen fit to hold a competition was held from 4 l 14 March 2011 which invited fans to rework the superhero graphically the Batmobile, inspired by what we saw in the past to keep an eye the future of this particular car.

Special interest was aroused some Batmobile presented, such as that in a tapered shape and totally futuristic has captured all the dynamism that we would expect from a model of this type, with a sporty look emphasized by two thin red stripes that run length in the body black car. There is the Batmobile then following the current trends and assuming the shape and proportions of an SUV, confirming that the fans have really indulged, offering bold styling solutions, and beyond the limits of science fiction and proposes that the processing makes the Batmobile look more like a fighter plane than a traditional car, even if in fact, talk of self traditional for a car destined for a superhero, does not seem relevant and the pictures to prove it.

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