Friday, April 15, 2011

New Ford Focus: We tried to buy it

It was one of the most eagerly awaited new and now is taking its first steps on the market to deal with the Volkswagen Golf, queen of the C segment, and the new Opel Astra, changed dramatically in the line and grown in content. We are talking about the new Ford Focus, Blue Oval House Compact with the task, not easy to do well in various markets around the world.

We tried to buy a dealership in the province to negotiate a lower price than retailers to the city and our choice fell on the Focus equipped with the new EcoBoost engine 1, 6-liter, 150 hp, which promises to be less "sitting" of the 1.6 Duratec 125 hp due to a significantly higher torque: 240 Nm 159 Nm against The atmosphere is calm and peaceful, and now a seller, dressed in an informal, welcoming us in the showroom.

The idea is to focus on setting Plus, the less expensive version. We want to verify the price of attack of the Focus with the EcoBoost engine, because the standard equipment it seems a good one: manual climate, electric mirrors, grille-closing (reducing consumption) and the most important active safety systems and passive.

Red, acid green, blue or simply white, and the Focus nell'autosalone in the square there. After waiting for the fateful key search, the seller takes us out with the hope of placing one of the Focus readily available in the "open door". He explains the details of the new car, insists that the car is completely new and shows us making us sit in the cockpit interior.

We see a plus, but insists to us also look at the Titanium, plus accessories. With shrewd seller do show us the differences between the two models, betraying the clear objective to target the most expensive on the installation. Here are a few bars of circumstance and goes to the desk where the computer produces a detailed quote.

The Focus 1.6 EcoBoost Plus offers a discount of 3,000 €, and this seems to be already good news, in which includes € 750 of free product in the form of Connectivity Upgrade, (radio, cd player with MP3, 6 speakers, AUX and USB interface and Bluetooth voice-activated) from the value of 250 € and Focus Pack (16-inch alloy wheels, front fog lights, velvet mats, premium center console with armrest, parking brake and Z-shaped auxiliary socket back) which costs € 500.

With spare wheel (50 €), option smoking (25 €) and metallic paint (500 €), this car has a cost, including ipt, of € 21,521, € 18,521 with which they become discount practiced by Ford dealers. An attractive figure when you consider that the budget is much richer with the accessories for free.

The seller insists, however, in proposing the Titanium also relying on the fact that this version will benefit from a higher discount of up to 750 €, plus set a budget of more substantial: it is equipped with cruise control with speed limiter, front sports seats, climate automatic assistance for hill starts, and other accessories.

The Titanium also has the navigation system (navigation system with LCD screen SD card with 5 ") in tribute to the value of € 750 and is available with the inescapable Pack Titanium (alloy 17-inch 15-spoke, free key system , tinted rear glass and electrically folding mirrors). All at a price higher than the 1500 € Plus, for a total of € 20,021.

Of course, a difference not justified by trascurabilema contents. The seller, despite his young age, shows he knew the product and the promotion of the event: ask for our annual mileage, hijacks the discussion on diesel. Explain that the new 1.6 TDCi 115 hp and consumes less dell'EcoBoost that, despite being less powerful has more torque (270 Nm), it is equally pleasant to drive.

Finally, unleashes his ultimate weapon: the discount. And now, because for the month of April, the TDCi versions have additional € 750 discount. At present then, a Focus 1.6 TDCi Plus, with equivalent equipment of the 1.6 EcoBoost Plus, it brings home to 19,271 €, while a 1.6 TDCi Titanium has a cost of € 20,771.

Therefore, for this month, the price gap between petrol and diesel was reduced by half and is only of 750 €. Many numbers together have made us hesitant, very nearly agrees to focus on diesel, due to the consumption in the House says 4.2 l/100km on the combined cycle for the TDCi and 6, 0 l/100 km for the EcoBoost.

Let's try to agree on the price, the seller becomes stiff at first, but then suggests that if we would go out from the dealership with a signed contract we could have a further economic advantage or a welcome gift ... (Whose commercial value is not known). However, to finalize the deal and do not leave anything to chance, relies on our desire to save by saying that there are still several of the previous generation Focus Ikon sedan equipped with the 1.6 TDCi 110 hp Euro 4 with a discount from the balance : up to 5,000 €.

This means that for 16,000 euro to take home a reliable car and are fully equipped: with ESP, alloy wheels, armrest, rear spoiler, automatic climate control and metallic paint. After receiving all the information, we are left with one question: what will it take to get hold of the new Focus? We are told that when there is an ample supply of cars, almost all stock, but if you want to order the car with specific options, the wait could last for 60 days.

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