Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Volvo C30 Electric, part of the production

Apart from the last step that anticipates the pending sale of the innovative electric Volvo C30, which went into production in these days in Belgium, having successfully completed reliability tests, consisted of more than 200 specific tests, with the aim of achieving that of equivalent gasoline model.

The tough tests were carried out in the rugged streets of Kiruna, a village located in the Swedish Arctic Circle, where temperatures can easily drop prohibitive and well below 20 degrees Celsius. These temperatures can be endured through a heating system that allow to reach the correct temperature in the cockpit without being a burden on the power consumption of batteries.

The car is equipped as a compact heater by ethanol, with 14.5 liters in a tank, that can not subtract energy from the batteries, which is dedicated exclusively to power the electric motor car and then travel to its independence . If this type of heating is not enough you can always resort to the use of air conditioning, however, that exploits the energy of lithium batteries with a consequent decrease in total autonomy.

Derived from the series of prototype electric-powered BEV (Battery Electric Vechicle), the final version of the Volvo C30 is powered by an electric motor positioned at the front instead of the traditional engine and powered by a battery pack with lithium-ionic located under the tunnel drive shaft, one of the safest places, thanks to high capacity to absorb shocks.

Batteries develop 24 kW and allow an overall of about 150 km, while the power of the engine provides more than satisfactory performance, summarized in a 0 to 100 km / h to 11 seconds and a top speed of 130 km / h. The batteries can be recharged easily from a 220-volt electricity and a full charge takes about eight hours.

For now, the first 10 copies were delivered to the electricity company Swedish Gothenburg, while other units will be delivered in September to other companies and government agencies to neighboring countries such as Norway, Belgium and the Netherlands. Volvo's goal is to produce cave the end of 2012 some 250 copies of the C30 supply, which will reach the plant in Gothenburg, Sweden where he will install the motor, batteries and other components.

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