Saturday, April 16, 2011

Germany: 1 million miles on a Fiat 131

Luckily, it was always said that "The engines are substantially more older diesel." Of course, it is not hard to find classic Mercedes from 600-700 thousand km on the wheels. But that car so hard to force the owner, who possesses 35 years, to undo doversene to the difficulty of finding spare parts is not an everyday thing.

Exceptional, then, if the car in question is a Fiat 131 1300 CL, the first series, registered in 1976, and all'attivopiù 1 million km. Indeed, the case is so unique that it deserves the exposure of the exact number of kilometers of indestructible Mirafiori: 1025098 well! All this ensures Malaroda Willy, a former German lawyer of 59 years, without ever having replaced the engine.

Remade, of course, but it is always the 1.3 65 bhp of origin. What's more, with the honor of having passed in 2007 and 870,000 km, the rupture of the timing belt (with the consequent damage to the valves and cylinders). However, Mr Willy Malaroda (the name not be misled: this man is a symbol of perfect maintenance of a car) does not take it anymore: arriving more than one million km of trails at the wheel of that car, decided to discard it.

"Finding parts is becoming increasingly difficult and expensive farewell, 131 million dollar" Whereas Willy Malaroda of years now has 59, meaning that more than half of his life has been spent behind the wheel of 131. And to think that there are marriages last much less ... Despite the inevitable hitches of life a "two." Half the world crossed the Sahara (at 360,000 km!) To Turkey, the whole of Europe (including Russia and North Cape), until a trip to the USA, coast to coast, on the legendary Route 66, faced when "she" the heroic 131, km 660 000 had already been well.

Now, however, including the glorious 131 German is the time of retirement: "Over the years I have put aside spare parts, of course - means the owner - but, as you can well understand after a complete engine overhaul, a break timing belt - and after just 20,000 km from the assembly, but did not have at least 60 000 durarne? - a complete repainting and the inevitable infirmities of age, it is increasingly difficult to find spare parts.

It is difficult and expensive: those who has, if he does pay. "

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