Saturday, April 16, 2011

Shanghai Motor Show 2011: Buick Concept Envision, new official pictures

Will be presented in a few days Journal upcoming Shanghai Motor Show 2011, which will be held April 21 to 28, the Buick Concept Envision. Waiting to see it live, Buick has released new official images, which follow a first preview image and enigmatic widespread in recent days, the tail light. The Buick Concept Envision, so now he reveals his true features, allowing us to find a crossover from sharp lines and dynamic features two large doors that open up in Lamborghini style.

All this exercise in style on the concept car Envision, is due to the fact that future crossover SUV and the house Buik, could present a long series of stylistic and technological innovations, at least in the East, so the home advantage of the show to convince the Chinese to start public in Shanghai.

Among the changes that this concept carries with Envision, we find the engine, a hybrid-type Plug-in, of which details have not yet been disclosed. We must then wait for 21 of the current month, date of opening of the gates of the Shanghai Motor Show 2011, to know all the details of this new concept car Buick signed, which will debut in the eyes of the world during the festival east.

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