Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Daimler: Maybach Lascia

The Maybach, luxurious limousine from the German cost unreachable, seems to come to an end and his fate depends on new business strategies. In fact, the current model does not convince the world that the rich prefer the originality of other cars emblazoned, as Rolls-Royce and Bentley, the contents of the flagship Teutonic.

For this urgently requires a rapid decision and decisive, so as to prevent the provision of a brand so elite as weak on the market. The solution could be an alliance with the Aston Martin to produce the next generation of the Maybach, a car, creating the most original and fascinating that the current model is too similar to a Mercedes.

There is also talk of broadening the range down with a model derived from the Mercedes S-Class The fate of the mark therefore hangs by a thread, and may be released from June 30, when the deadline expires or not to start the dreaded commercial collaboration. For now, Daimler will have to deal with a budget of negative sales that led to the production of only 157 cars in all of 2010.

Numbers in red much, considering the provisions of the plan which provided for a 1500 Maybach sell well every year.

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