Friday, June 10, 2011

GM denies selling Opel

A few hours from the rumors regarding a hypothetical sale of Opel by General Motors, sources close to the American manufacturer categorically deny the possibility of a sale of the House of Lightning. The voice of a possible sale of the Opel brand was about a possible interest by some car manufacturers in China and even the Volkswagen Group.

According to the German press because of the sale would be charged to the accounts in the red Manufacturer, released recently by heavy restructuring. These allegations were very insistent given no little annoyance to the CEO of Opel - Karl Friedrich Stracke - which speaks of "pure speculation" to the detriment of the company.

Although by GM has not reached a blunt denial, as reported by Reuters, the CEO of GM - Daniel Akerson - is considering other solutions other than the sale, to revive the fortunes of the Manufacturer in Rüsselsheim. The only sure thing is that after the news of a possible sale of Opel, the shares of General Motors have been driven up by 1.74% well on Wall Street, despite subsequent denials.

The latest adventures closely resembles the events of 2009 that saw Opel, once again contested between two marks. In that case it was the Austro-Canadian company Fiat and Magna, the latter preferred by the company in Detroit for a possible sale, although later the deal foundered because of an abrupt rethink of the U.S.

group. For the moment, so it seems that this story is the result of a mere "gossip" summer, although the automotive industry in more than one occasion has made us accustomed to surprises, in addition to whether the future of Opel will be rosy or not, must await the results of sales of the brand in the near future, considering that in a short time the House of Lightning has renewed its entire range.

Just this week were in fact branches off the first official pictures of the new Opel Astra GTC, a model that is considered together all'Insigna is vital to the future of the brand. If positive results do not arrive in the medium term, it will be expected of any proposed acquisition by Chinese brands, have a large financial sources and thirst for cutting-edge technologies, as well as to the likely "temptations" of the aforementioned house Wolfsburg.

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