Friday, June 10, 2011

Volkswagen Beetle RS Project Stage 1

Volkswagen has entrusted the care of VWvortex, a site dedicated to American fans of VW and Audi brands, the first tuning on the new Beetle. The result is what you see in these pictures, the RS Project Stage 1, founded on the basis of a sample of pre-production. The processing is essentially aesthetic, and as you see, is strongly inspired by the livery of the Porsche 911 GT3 RS.

The boys have won VWvortex Beetle to a set of rims VMR 710 20 ", painted in a striking orange color and mounted on tires Continental 245/35 ExtremeContact DW. Equally remarkable, the aesthetic of the braking system, a Brembo front brake discs with 14-inch ventilated, with radial calipers with four pistons in red livery.

To complete the redefinition of the exterior, the series of stickers inspired by those of the Porsche RS signed and the highlight of the film opaque Titanium Brushed 3M logo on the VW. Ok, but why did they call Stage 1? Simple, because later equip the rear of the GT3 RS wing, will take over control of the turbo and exhaust system and mount a limited slip differential.

In short, as they say in these cases, the best is yet to come. Volkswagen Beetle RS Project Stage 1

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