Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Jaguar XJR-S Cabriolet incoming and XFR-S

After the debut of the XKR-S coupe, Jaguar is working on two new variants of its extreme range. The XKR-S coupe anticipated the redesign of the entire range XK, but it has brought even the most powerful V8 ever used, reaching an altitude of 550 hp with 680 Nm of torque and therefore do reach the limit of 300 km / h.

Imagine setting up a limited edition convertible is not that difficult, especially for marketers of the jaguar, which does not expect these occasions to revive the image of the sport, pending a whole new generation in 2013. Different story, still following the advances of AutoExpress, is related to the XFR-S: fresh restyling, the XF is now also presented in the sporty version XFR, already far more aggressive than the basic model and 510 hp delivered stronger by the same supercharged V8 XK, in less extreme version.

The arrival of a possible XFR-S could simply lead to the adoption of the 550 hp V8 and a review buoyancy, in addition to almost taken for granted in a limited edition. Who knows who is not a way to "contain" the arrival of the new BMW M5 and threatening F10 Biturbo V8, as a new generation of XF will arrive only in 2015.

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