Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mazda MX-5 Meeting: Open Road with the Race

The rallies, you know, are often an opportunity for sightseeing, dining with friends and go in an alternative way on Sunday, those of Mazda, however, are different, especially when men take to the field of RIM, the Italian Registry Mazda MX -5. With the two places in the Japanese custom word falls into oblivion, leaving space to the single word can be: fun.

Already at the wheel because of the discovery of world's best selling every trip becomes a challenge, thrill, adventure. We attended the first meeting MX-5 in the land of the Cyclops, in central Italy, on board a special roadster: the sporty MX-5 Open Race. After the meeting in a place of ritual in advance for a quick breakfast, the lettering and the signs of the case, we went up, but would say we dropped in Hiroshima roadster designed for racing.

Through the roll-bar sports seats have reached the embrace warmly and got familiar with the safety harness racing in central attack. Needless to say, our car was not there on the roof, so in case of rain we would not have stood a chance, but this particular added a bit of adventure to our experience.

Finally, turn on the engines, the 2-liter comes to life by breathing through the central dual exhaust and start moving in a caravan at a time of Ferentino. Many roadster together are a feast for the eyes: yellow, black, red, white, blue, the MX-5 of each generation march one behind the other as a gay snake that catches the eye of passersby.

The day is promising, and the sun will accompany the group with all its heat. First stop in Ferentino, the small town of Lazio accepts the roadster with a thread of wonder and curiosity, through the streets of the historic center of our Open Race is comfortable and moves through a light weight skeleton after removal all the superfluous.

We continue our journey through a series of switchbacks and test the quality of our traveling companion: the MX-5 racing shows surprisingly easy to drive on the road thanks to a front end that is never too light and a steering wheel from the millimeter . The miles are eaten up with greed and fun and so we arrive at Lake Canterno along the stretch of water to take the road that leads to Fiuggi.

The shift in the spa town, has allowed the crew to slow down, making stars of a memorable catwalk. Tourists, locals and people of all ages welcomed the caravan of "our" MX-5 which, after passing through the center, they took the road to reach the opposite shore of Lake Canterno. Near the body of water there was the first stop where pilots and navigators were able to admire the beauty of the placid lake and the details of all the cars at the rally.

We Motors. it we felt like real owners as "our" traveling companion has been the subject of attention and curiosity from the other participants. On this occasion, we were able to observe closely to scrutinize every detail: the roll-bar and alloy wheels are lowered all'assetto together the strengths of this sport in the rear view is characterized by the spoiler and the double central outlet.

Inside the radio disappears to save weight and make way for the symphony of the engine, both in the center console in the door panels, coatings have been replaced with lighter material reminiscent of the carbon. The electric windows that remain are almost never used to enjoy to the full the pleasures of open-air driving.

Resumed the journey, there was the inevitable gastronomic experience to chill with the local cuisine and watch the awards for the most beautiful car, the crew at the first meeting, logbooks and more engaging. For the record, the car has been voted as a first-generation MX-5 from the maroon and black livery with iterni scenic suitcases on the rear rack.

In the early afternoon, the caravan is broken at a time of Veroli, then take the road full of hairpin bends that leads to the Trisulti. E 'between these curves that we fully appreciate the Open Race coming up with the engine speed in a heady and well-planted front end that allows the car to turn quickly involving the back.

Tune to the frequency of the MX-5 for a real dance between the bends was a unique experience, enhanced by the thrill of rain which, fortunately, has been with us for a short stretch of road. After passing through the area Collepardo Alatri we have reached the final stage of the rally, exactly in Piazza Santa Maria Maggiore.

Among the latest shots of the day, greetings, and a bye to next round in the heart of Siena, the crews have taken the long way home, while we, unfortunately, we had to return the boys to the Open Race of the organization of the Italian Registry Mazda .

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