Friday, June 10, 2011

Opel: General Motors might sell the German mark

A new storm would be to lie on the Opel. Reported the German weekly Der Spiegel, General Motors is considering again the possibility to sell the brand in Rüsselsheim. It comes, therefore, to 2009, during the period marked by sensational statements of the managing director of the Lingotto, Sergio Marchionne, who two years ago it proved possible relation to the purchase of Opel from Torino? The contest between Detroit and Lingotto was then sunk in part because of pressure from the government in Berlin, following which General Motors had directed its attention to the Austro Group - Canada's Magna.

Even that possibility was, then, ended in a stalemate, and GM Opel had decided to stay. The conditional is a must in this case. As reported in the German text, in fact, indicate a general interest by manufacturers in China, against Opel, by virtue of their land even more marked in the European markets.

However, this could be one of the cases. The other is the possibility that the mark may be acquired by the Volkswagen Group. As in all this, there is definite, it is too early to tell. Certainly, if one part Volkswagen are receptive to the markets of the Far East (China and, in particular) may well happen that, if the lack of interest in Wolfsburg, in Russelsheim may be more sensitive to any offers from from China.

On the other hand, Detroit has not reached any denial, although Karl - Friedrich Stracke, Managing Director of Opel, has been quick to brand as "speculation" the news. No comments by senior Volkswagen.

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