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Lexus LFA Lexus and Range 2011: first contact

The heart in my throat, butterflies in the stomach, legs soft. Unmistakable symptoms of lightning. The Lexus LFA is a blow of emotions that overwhelm you as very, very few other supercars can do today. The Japanese-built cars of the mark, we had the real privilege to try on the road, it takes just to let the stone, but a lot to come out of your memories.

Indelible as the most powerful experiences, the LFA is betting everything on the emotional factor and its exclusivity. Only 500 (all already sold) will be produced. And only three examples of pre-production around the world are used for test printing. The car that we had to hand in these days in the setting of Forte dei Marmi, is the only available for European journalists.

Never before has a LFA had arrived in Italy. The Lexus brand, of course, is summarized in the capital while LFA. Its values are many and are expressed in the various products that make up the 2011 range, all present at our meeting with the house in Tuscany. We have tried it two in addition to the supercar: the IS-F and IS 250C.

LFA Lexus, Lexus IS-F Lexus IS 250C and excessive, Japan, without compromise: these are the impressions that the body of LFA send you at first glance. Triumph of attention to detail and perfection of construction, the V10 of the Rising Sun is the sum of small masterpieces that are its components.

Derived from air vents in the sides of the three exhaust outlets, through its stunning interior, the LFA is something unique on the world of supercars. The materials used for the interior finish and their matched by very few in this regard. Every single element, every command any switch (not to mention the instrument panel ...) has been designed with a search for the best result that is typical of certain manifestations of Japanese mentality.

The carbon fiber, the beautiful burnished aluminum and leather combine in a collection that is exemplary synthesis of design and technology. The same great care has been poured in the design of the frame with carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP), material that constitutes 65% of the total weight of the car.

The fiber structure, it should be emphasized, is completely made by Toyota. And it is an absolutely skeletal muscle who can pull off at the engine, a 4.8 V10 with 560 hp at 9000 rpm which is undoubtedly a masterpiece. The unit delivers 480 Nm of torque at 6800 rpm, has the VVT-i (Variable Valve Timing) on both intake to discharge, and has considerable technological solutions, such as primers 12-hole high flow, which help to ensure 90% of maximum torque from 3700 to 9000 rpm.

Lexus says a 0-100 from 3.7 if a maximum speed of 325 km / h, and above all keen to stress that the characterization of the ten-cylinder engine sound so exciting, is the result of very thorough research and meticulous work, aimed at achieve a result that can remember what a single-seater formula.

The explosion of multi-cylinder is operated by a sequential six-speed transmission designed specifically for this use, combined with a limited slip differential rear axle and positioned to obtain an optimal balance of the masses, corresponding to a ratio of 48:52 the two axes. The change ensures ASG gear changes in 0 "2 / 2.

The LFA can be set to four different driving modes: Auto, Sport, Normal and Wet, by which we can intervene, inter alia, the suspension of aluminum, whose scheme is a double wishbone front and multilink at the rear. Their character was forged on the Nürburgring and it was obviously developed with the sole objective of maximum dynamic performance.

The braking system of the LFA is carbon-ceramic material, while its cX is equal to 0.31. The highlight of supercoupé Lexus is of course the engine. It is in particular his voice to mark the times of the driving experience. Cupa down, salt octaves is a unique pleasure: gradually moves toward its record high notes, very high, recognizable in a million in a thrilling crescendo.

It shoots you in the nervous system is a mix of wonder and awe for his seemingly endless extension. Being able to pull her up to speed limiter is almost criminal enterprise on public roads. The LFA is an animal trail from the most pure, that it begs to be unleashed to vent on his own ground of choice.

Especially since it is capable of performance are not "contained" by the public ribbon of asphalt: the acceleration is simply out of scale, and the very nature of the V10, the meteoric rise and fall by turns, confirms the competitive nature of most car. The same set of impressions specialist will have the steering wheel, a sort of surgical instrument that is coupled with the millimeter throttle.

The steering wheel transmits all the smaller bumps and forces to drive composed of continuous small corrections, never relaxed or boring, but on the contrary always to control and tackle alert. No, the LFA is not one of those objects capable of dealing a bit fast 'all situations. When fighting against itself, with traction control engaged to stem the violence of his engine in the first, second and third, this horse crazy from € 375,000 for a moment lets you grab its proud, wild and rebellious, which only a few will break the limit.

Get on the IS-F got a hangover after signing of this magnitude is likely to be destabilizing. He almost smiled, but you have to repeat that you are going to drive one of those cars that normally daydreams. Separated at birth from other IS not only for its powerful 5.0 V8, the founder of the Lexus sports identified by the letter F take special shock absorbers and brakes, stiff springs, anti-roll bars and increased self-locking differential.

All this to ensure driving pleasure at the tostissime German competitors. The eight-cylinder engine (Euro 5) of the IS-F delivers 423 hp at 7000 rpm and 500 Nm at 5,200 rpm, allowing the car to reach 100 from standstill in 4.8 if you touch the 270 km / h top speed electronically limited.

To humor him thinks the Sports Direct Shift eight-speed automatic with a sequential function can shift gears in 0 "1 / 2. On the road, the IS-F reveals a car admirable balance, a good compromise between accuracy and effectiveness in driving comfort and a commitment that is not to be thrown away, given the overall approach of the car.

Very special character of the five-liter living the hood of the IS-F: the generous multi-cylinder two characters clearly distinguished from each other. If up to 4000 rpm, its presence is noticeable in terms of a low rumble and a significant boost, but not too vigorous as to compromise comfort to reduced speeds, the regime is that the V8 turns in his bastard brother.

After the fateful threshold, the engine change voice, taking a bubble in a rage, and the wickedness that has come out in the body in all its glory. Seconded by managed automatic transmission, can work very well in sports driving, the unit throws the IS-F by a curve to another with the invaluable enthusiasm that only a monster 400 hp can guarantee.

The fun in short, is assured. Also provided to find enough open road ahead, since even in the case of the limits imposed by Lexus superberlina traffic arriving much earlier than the engine ... Elastica, available, and always inclined to the game, the IS-F that the market- Italian is offered from 73,100-euro, assist in fulfilling the pilot with a generosity and a very high accuracy in all conditions.

But he gives his best in Sport mode, the steering becomes sharper and the chassis tends muscles, ready for the next roller coaster ride. Completely changing the register, our day of full immersion in the Lexus range ended with a meeting with the IS 250C. That of course, could not materialize in the manner most appropriate to the coupe-cabriolet at home: the "rub" on the waterfront.

It takes little to make you understand that the discovery curves and reverse the narrow streets that climb the Alps are not his forte. Definitely better devote herself to her task less demanding and more relaxing. The IS 250C is equipped with only the direct injection 2.5 V6 with 208 hp, combined with a 6-speed automatic transmission with paddles behind the wheel.

The performances are hardly supercar (0-100 km / h in 9 seconds and 210 km / h top speed), and in fact is not in the pleasure of driving in a sporting sense intended to be pursued the way of this car, capable to transform from coupe to convertible in 20 seconds. The nature of the IS 250C is a companion walks extremely comfortable, refined and should be treated like any Lexus.

Its six-cylinder engine has a good point, but is not meant to let yourself be pulled by the neck. The soundtrack is not surprising because of soundproofing very (too?) Scrupulous, and 200 horses have their work cut out to move the wheels of the car with panache. The thrust of the V6 is smooth and mellow, but certainly not enough to send chills on the back.

The characterization that engineers have sought to give the cabrio as Japan emerges clearly, as I said earlier, and reflected nell'indole gear, a quiet, traditional automatic and steering, which does not have any particular qualities of readiness. The Lexus range of this proposal, all played on soft sensations, relaxation and focus on quality of life on board, consists of two basic alternatives dell'allestimento brought in € 52,900 and the Luxury, which is around € 57,900 on hand.

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