Friday, June 10, 2011

A Skoda Octavia with 600 HP for 10 years of "RS"

With the acquisition by the Volkswagen Group, Skoda has grown into the European market, so that in 2018 set itself the ambitious goal of doubling its annual turnover. Meanwhile, to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the sports models, those identified by the initials RS, VRS in the United Kingdom, has created special un'Octavia, capable of reaching targets speed and accelerations worthy of a supercar.

Built on the basis of the sedan, the sporty czech in August that will take part in the Bonneville Speed Week, a name that says it all, you can count on a power output of 600 hp TSI juice from 2 liters thanks to a new Garret turbine capable of producing a boost pressure of 26-28 psi and a specific software REVO Technic.

To run, this car is not satisfied with the "vulgar" fuel, but "sip" a mixture of water and methanol to high octane. With a height of land that touches the ground and a parachute to stop, the Octavia Records, will attempt to overcome the barrier of 320 km / h to become the first Skoda to pass this milestone fast acceleration.

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