Friday, June 10, 2011

Spy Photos Ford Mustang Shelby

Ford continues testing on the track of the new Mustang, pictured here in Shelby sports version with supercharged engine. And it is the engine to arouse more curiosity, given the almost certain abandonment of the supercharging compressor under a settlement with turbo or twin turbo. The power should increase compared to 550 hp GT500 exaggerated, while touching the 600 hp, while fuel consumption and emissions will decline slightly through the use of more sophisticated technologies.

No information about the style of the body, even if the transformation in world-car Blue Oval will force designers to accept the suggestions of the centers also European and Australian style. The sixth-generation Ford Mustang will use a refurbished floor, independent rear suspension and an engine range more "dense" the present: we will leave it up to the four-cylinder EcoBoost V8 multi-split.

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