Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hyundai to work on ix25 and ix45

Hyundai ix35 success of the strong and attentive to the tastes of the European market, is working on new models and ix25 ix45. As anticipated by Auto Bild, the range of the crossover will be enlarged according to a unique philosophy and a common understanding of design, just launched the "firstborn" ix35.

The compact concept Curb ix25 will result from the view of the Detroit Motor Show and mechanically resumed the basis of the new i30, while the ix45 replace the Santa Fe in 2013. In both cases we will see a classic example of downsizing, with the referral of the new 4-cylinder turbo gasoline and diesel engine the most powerful and recent, so as to phase out the V6.

In 2013 should also debut a hybrid version, at least the ix45, and will be available across the range the system start-stop with regenerative braking. As for the ix35, ix offer the new standard front-wheel drive as an option and only the whole, stressing once again the road their vocation.

At least on the 1.6 petrol will be then used the new dual-clutch gearbox, which will soon be used on many models of the group.

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