Friday, July 15, 2011

New Toyota Yaris

Toyota has given us the opportunity to see the new Yaris, before arriving in dealerships in October, will begin marketing-Our first conclusion is clear: it provides higher quality and a technological burden. What do you think? Leave your comments, the most interesting magazine published in the Highway.

If you prefer, debate the news in our forums. In addition to a greater sense of perceived quality, the nuevoToyotaYaris also stands out for its new dimensions to the model it is replacing. It is longer, with 3.88 m 3.78 m instead of the current.

On the other hand, decreases its height 20 mm to 1.51 m. Although the figures indicate that a model is not very big, surprising interior space. Within its tight proportions perceive amplitude when they reach your cabin. The reason? Increased the wheelbase by 50 mm (one of the largest in its segment), which means, among other things, more space between front and rear seats that grows 35 mm.

The trunk grows going from 272 to 286 liters. The rear seats, which are no longer sliding, fold down 40/60, to expand cargo capacity to 768 liters. We enter the compartment. The first sensation is of a higher perceived quality. The steering wheel is adjustable for height and depth and is placed in a vertical position.

For the rest of the interior, we find small holes spread throughout different areas. The power button is on all versions. Among its equipment inside, a big glass sunroof (only in the Sport version) divided into two sections that opens under pressure. Although we have not had the chance to ride with him, Jacques Pieraerts, vice president of Toyota Spain, stresses how much he has worked in the noise by installing insulation between the engine and interior which has increased 60 percent density .

The offer mechanical, initially the new Yaris features the same engine as its predecessor: petrol VVT-i 1.0-and 1.33-liter D-4D turbodiesel 1.4-liter, but now more efficient by reducing its CO2 level of 110 to 103 g / km the diesel version and from 118 to 110 a 69 hp gasoline version. Weighs 20 pounds less, which will result in lower consumption.

The brand announces 4.8 liters in the 69 hp version 1.0 instead of 5.1 liters today. As optional equipment, the new transmission equipped Yaris S MultiDrive available in 1.33 liter petrol engine which now has a new seven-speed sequential mode with manual switch is actuated by the gear lever or paddles on the steering wheel.

On the other hand, the Stop & Start of stop-start engine receives a number of improvements, only the petrol version 1.33 90-CV-increasing time engine stop (activated before), running even with the air conditioning on. The new Toyota Yaris will be offered with four trim levels. The first is designed especially for fleets of companies that include among their models.

For private drivers, will be available three levels: Active, Sport-this, with sunroof and 16-inch sport tires as standard, and Live. Chapter multimedia, the new Yaris will mount a revamped touchscreen 'Touch'. It is able to handle devices radio, CD/MP3 player, Bluetooth connectivity ...

Finally, we must stress that the new Yaris comes standard on all finishes several safety devices such as Dynamic Speed Control, 7 airbags and seat belt warning also to the rear.

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