Thursday, July 14, 2011

Nissan dieting models of the future

Nissan has planned a program aimed to reduce the weight of its cars, making the diet also popular in the automotive world. In fact, even for cars the extra pounds are bad: rising consumption and, consequently, emissions. This is why the Japanese took the path of light and the first vehicle to benefit from a fitness effect is the 2012 Versa, which will be of no less than 68 kg lighter than the model it replaces, thanks to 20% fewer components.

In addition, the savings in pounds the car will be equipped with brakes and engines of smaller displacement than the, 1.6 instead of 1.8. Since Nissan is fully aware that in order to lower the consumption of the technical improvements such as changes to 8 speed and not enough new-generation turbocharger, the objective of the Japanese firm is to reduce the weight of its cars by 15% for each original product.

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