Friday, July 15, 2011

Porsche Cajun: 3-door version of the graphic reconstructions

The Cajun Porsche, Audi Q5 compact crossover derived from, might have a sporty 3-door version. This is what Autocar says, giving as an "official" graphic renderings of proposed site: the thought goes to the Range Rover Evoque, that Porsche seems to be looking to offer an innovative and far away from its tradition.

Audi will probably also a similar choice with the future Q4. The abbreviation Cx 911 make a proposal should emphasize the stylistic kinship with the coupe in Stuttgart (and not a crossover model of the 911 itself ...), but all the Cajun project was designed to avoid any similarity with the internal and external Q5: The interior In fact, they should take those of the Boxster, while the line of the body, at least according to the British, takes the unusual proportions of the 959 used in the Dakar: a sports coupe "on wheels".

Even at the Cajun mechanical leverage the synergy of the Volkswagen group, however, customizing engines with dedicated versions and removing the risk of repercussions on the brand, now launched into the lower segments of the market in pursuit of the ambitious target of 200,000 cars l ' year target for 2018.

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