Friday, July 15, 2011

Chevrolet Volt: New York Police Department buys 50 units

The streets of New York gradually become more environmentally friendly and modern. If earlier this year came the news that the mayor of the Big Apple will gradually change the entire fleet of 13,000 taxis, supplying Nissan NV200 is now the turn of the vehicles of the NYPD, the police acronym for Manhattan and the other 4 districts , and the famous fire department.

The first community has authorized the purchase of 50 Chevrolet Volt electric car manufactured by General Motors in Europe will be marketed under the name of Ampera.

The transaction was co-funded by the Department of Energy of the U.S. government and municipal authority. "This is the largest arrival of electric vehicles never took place in New York and the rest of the country," he said. "We will continue on this road." The police department of the Big Apple is already equipped with electric scooters and mini-car with zero emissions similar to those that circulate on the golf course.

The introduction of the Volt is a step forward compared to current Ford Crown Victoria, however, did not retire: the new power, in fact, officers will carry the traffic and not those involved in the fight against crime and pursuits that have filled many scenes of movies.

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