Friday, July 15, 2011

Opel Combo

Opel Combo features, the new MPV produced through a collaboration with the Fiat group. The result is, of course, an operation to re-badging of the Fiat Doblo, which will be offered in both passengers (up to 7 seats) in Cargo version, with 2 wheelbases (2.75 and 3.1 meters) and two different heights to the roof (1.85 and 2.1 meters).

The sliding rear doors are a prerogative of the model, but passengers will also be available on the cargo, the tailgate also will be offered with various opening systems. The load capacity reaches 3800 liters for the short wheelbase version and 4600 for the long wheelbase. The range will consist of gasoline, diesel and LPG bi-fuel: 90 hp 1.3 CDTI and 1.6 CDTI 90 3 2.0 CDTI 105 hp and 135 hp more than the 1.4 petrol and 1.4 to 95 hp 120 hp LPG.

The 1.3 CDTI equipped with a 5-speed manual gearbox, while all other engines offer the 6-speed variant, the robot is restricted to the 1.6 CDTI Easytronic 90 hp. The Start / Stop is available on all models, with the exception of LPG and the version with Easytronic. The Opel Combo debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show and sales will begin in the fall.

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