Saturday, July 16, 2011

GM invests $ 20 million research center in Turin

General Motors plans to invest 20 million euros between now and 2014 in his Engineering and Development Center (GM Powertrain Europe), based in Turin. The goal is to broaden their job improving its know-how in research in the automotive field. In particular, will be made 5 new rehearsal rooms will be added to the 15 already in place: one of the new areas will be devoted to the dynamic engine tests, a test engine and a climate anechoic test engine, ie with walls that reduce as much as possible phenomenon of sound reflection.

The managing director of the center, Pier Paolo Antonioli, then pointed out that this sum is in addition to 30 million allocated in 2005 when the structure took shape. "The investments of the General Motors together with the close collaboration with the Polytechnic of Turin will allow us to remain at the forefront in technology and training," he said.

Under the program, the rooms will be working 24 hours a day for 5 days a week. The Research Center of General Motors has seen gradually to increase its staff, which has gone from 80 employees to the current 460 employees, mostly young engineers from the nearby Polytechnic.

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