Saturday, July 16, 2011

Lotus Esprit, Elise and Elite: new photos of three concept

In the past month of October at the Paris Motor Show, Lotus has brought a flurry of amazing prototypes, proposals made to anticipate what will be the New Age of the manufacturer. The concept, which covered virtually the whole range of future home, represent a marked departure from today's line-up: three of these, the Elite, the Elise and Esprit are the protagonists of this beautiful photo gallery created by British Ages.

The Lotus in the coming years, in the auspices of the property, will be a supercar manufacturer to offer the GT that will not be just skin, bones and curb hunger, but much more. And to see a model like the Elite, a coupe-cabriolet with a V8 at the front that the viewfinder has focused on the heart of the Ferrari California, it captures perfectly what will be the future of the company founded by Colin Chapman.

At his side, in house projects, there will be a new edition of the Esprit, a mid-engined monster that will be powered by the same 4.8 naturally aspirated V8 Elite, however, led to the beauty of delivering 570 hp. The multi-cylinder, which will be entirely produced by Lotus, will be combined with an electro that promises to speed dual-clutch transmission and a weight much lower than the latter.

To give the measure of how great is the change of Lotus, however, is the concept that foreshadows the future Elise. Lotus Esprit, Elise and Elite: new photos of three concept that for 15 years That was the icon, the flag of the Spartan diehards of lightweight, hard and well, the revolution will live most of his career, gaining pounds and horses.

The Elise, to put it crudely, to become modern, "normal". Approaching the design philosophy to a model like the Porsche Boxster, and offering found as the start & stop, totally alien to a "naked" as the current version.

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