Saturday, July 16, 2011

Singer Porsche 911: Cosworth engine

The Singer 911 is the dream of many lovers of the German mark: the same image and driving the Porsche 911 of the 70s, but without giving up a lightweight carbon fiber body and comforts like air conditioning, electric seats and navigation system. If the aesthetics and interiors have been unveiled by the U.S. trainer, had no precise information on the engines, with respect to Singer announced that work with Cosworth to build the Porsche 911 in retro style. The charming German coupe will be sold in three different versions, differentiated by level of performance, but share the air-cooled 6-cylinder Boxer and fractionation, thus respecting the tradition.

The range of Singer 911 Touring version will start with the 3.6 L 300 hp, through the Sport version 3.9 The 380-horsepower and, for risk-lovers, the powerful Cup, combined with a 4.0 L engine capable of downloading on wheels rear 400 hp. The new house does not stop at Singer partnership with Cosworth: The leadership of the Singer Vehicle Design (SVD) has partnered with Air Group, ready to make the body panels in carbon fiber for the new 911.

Let the most interesting chapter for those who want to say goodbye to his Porsche 997 and put in the garage the exclusive Singer 911, the price: the German coupe will go on sale from $ 200,000 (equal to 134 thousand euros) for up to 300,000 U.S. dollars at an exchange rate around 212 million euros.

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