Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Accident to the car without a pilot of Google: A crash occurred in manual mode

The height of the ridges, the first incident in the car without driver of Google, which is currently undergoing an intense phase of testing, occurred while the car was in manual mode and had a human driver at the wheel. After more than a few raised concerns about road safety, therefore, the Google Automated Car has crashed in which the responsibility was entirely another.

Not everything is clear, however, regarding the incident. According to Google in the crash were only two cars involved, while an eyewitness speaks of five cars damaged in the accident. According to man, one of the Toyota Prius Google has found itself engaged in an emergency braking at the limit of the lock, but failed to prevent a second Prius, which has been so impacted in the rear.

In turn, the car involved in the clash that turned out against a Honda Accord, led by the brother of the witness. In a strange twist of fate, the latter in the pile-up, has in turn hit a second and a third Prius Accord. In Google's official report, it speaks only of the first two Toyotas, and especially not specify at that time, the automatic mode was disabled.

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