Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ferrari F152 spy photos

It was about seven months to launch the new Ferrari V12 sedan (project code F152), heir to the 599 GTB Fiorano used as a forklift in this latest round of spy photos. The body of a 599 GTO has so the new twelve-cylinder front longitudinal, brought to 6.3 liters and 700 hp, which is already under the hood where the FF instead delivers 660 hp.

The classic pattern is made up of the transaxle gearbox Getrag dual-clutch seven-grafts, also from the FF. Compared to the 599 GTB is also reasonable to expect some solutions for reducing emissions, the road to the next estremizzerà Ferrari F70, while the total weight should drop by a few units from the current 1,690 pounds.

The Ferrari F152 will be presented during the Geneva Motor Show, held in March 2012.

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