Monday, August 22, 2011

Toyota Prius + the Prius minivan

The famous Toyota Prius hybrid car has a big brother: the Prius +. Its world premiere will take place at the 2011 Motor Show in Frankfurt. Larger exterior dimensions and interior comfort for seven occupants are its main features. What do you think? Leave your comments, the most interesting magazine published in the Highway.

If you prefer, debate the news in our forums. Toyota continues to extend its range of hybrid vehicles. To the existing Prius and Auris HSD, soon will add the plug-in version of the Prius next to the minivan variant, the Prius +. The latter will be one of the major developments leading Japanese manufacturer to the next edition of the Frankfurt Motor Show.

The most distinctive of the Toyota Prius + is the increase in exterior dimensions, with 155 mm in length, 30 mm wide and 85 mm taller, the overall length goes to stand at 4.615 mm, width of 1,770 mm and height of 1,575 mm. The prototype of the Prius that some V Concept unveiled at the Detroit 2011, a vehicle also announced more than 70 mm wheelbase (for a total of 2770 mm).

With the increase in all dimensions in the Prius +, responsible for Toyota have been able to offer a minivan with an enabled seven people inside, arranged in three rows of seats 2 +3 +2 configuration. The battery is lithium-ion battery and is housed in the vehicle's center tunnel between the front seats.

Thus, the space available for occupants and the amount of capacity in the trunk are not penalized. Like his 'brother', the Prius + Full incorporates technology Hybrid Synergy Drive. In the case of the minivan did not have detailed and accurate power consumption, but is expected to be very similar to the Prius that we know.

Therefore, we are talking about a seven-seat minivan hybrid front-wheel drive with a gasoline engine 1.8 VVT-i 99 hp, plus a 82 hp electric motor. The combined power of the hybrid system is 136 hp. The CVT transmission remains continuously variable automatic. As for specific emission data for the time the mark has not announced Nippon anything about it, although it has ensured that the level of CO2 emissions will be below the 100 g / km.

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