Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Toyota: August 29 will attempt the record for electric cars at the Nürburgring

Toyota Motorsport has today launched, in the middle of summer, a surprise announcement: the branch of the sport Nissan, which is based in Cologne, announced Aug. 29 that the next attempt to break the current lap record at Nurburgring with regard to the category of electric cars. Today, the primacy belongs to the Peugeot EX1: The French prototype scored at the end of April, a 9'01 "338, which according to the ads of Toyota will be passed with relative ease.

According to some, the electric motor which will power the car, a prelude to a future engine for use in a hypothetical series of races for the same electric car. Speculations and theories aside, Toyota aims to demonstrate that motorsport "green" generate emotions so as they have for over a century racing cars powered by fossil fuels.

The Nissan has also made it known that he has already surpassed the record for the Peugeot during private testing (and therefore not officially recognized in the form). But by what means will try the new record?

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