Friday, August 26, 2011

New Honda Civic is ready

Ready the new Honda Civic, the ninth generation, specifically developed for Europe, with five doors and a different platform to the American version released in early 2011. The Frankfurt Motor Show will remove the camouflage of the new Civic. When the new Honda Civic hit the market in early 2012 there will be three-door, five-door only.

Nor will there be Civic body with three volumes, the American version, which has received good reviews in the year of release. The new Civic, the European, has been developed specifically for this market. And so to the platform is different from the U.S., the tank is under the front seats and thus get the convenience you expect from a C-segment car in Europe, rear seats and trunk.

The early stages of development of the Civic have been conducted in Japan, but then the whole team has come to Europe to complete it because they see here are the ways and the most varied conditions in the world, the mix of uses by German motorway over 200 km / h roads Greeks more risk at 30 km / h.

According to the charge of chassis, achieved with this new generation Civic will be a dramatic breakthrough, "equivalent to a jump of two generations." The rear suspension retains the torsion beam, compared to rivals with finer geometries. The explanation is the compactness and they say to continue offering the widest cabin in its class.

This suspension is made stiffer than its predecessor to improve stability at high speed, then add a thicker stabilizer. Instead, to improve comfort and performance, have adopted some hydraulic supports to anchor the shaft to the body. Not only in his film, also claim to be "leaders is their category refinement" in-law refers to the feeling inside.

Care has been the isolation of the cabin, but especially the aerodynamics, employing former members of the Formula One team's goal was a quiet interior, high-speed stability and low drag, count on Honda. With improvements in the aerodynamic wind tunnel, enhancing every detail, say they have achieved in noise and vibration to its European rivals.

The diesel engine is the Civic 2.2 i-DTEC-known Honda Accord, with 150 horses. On the body of the Civic gets down from the 147 g / km CO2 Accord to an impressive 110 g / km of CO2. Notables consumption tax and benefits await the new Civic, "but without compromising the high performance engine," the official note of Honda: "We want our customers to have fun driving this Civic."

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