Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ford and Toyota agreed to the gas hybrid

A collaboration between Ford and Toyota will research development of a new hybrid power for SUVs, pickup trucks and lighter rear-wheel drive, which will be mixed with gas engines and lithium ion batteries. Anyone who thinks that this program, which will be ratified next year, is born after long and laborious discussions occurred among the managers of both companies on both sides of the Pacific Ocean is wrong: all it was born from a chance meeting occurred in a room waiting for a U.S. airport from a number of House of Michigan, Alan Mulally, and his counterpart of the Rising Sun, Akio Toyoda.

The synergy between the two world giants also include the so-called self-mobility and the use of Internet in the car, which will transform the vehicles into a kind of traveling office.

The vehicles produced will have the result of a common technology know-how acquired by each manufacturer, but will maintain separate identities in their respective markets, and different bodies. The production time? It is believed that the first units could move no sooner than 7-8 years.

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