Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Jaguart C-X16: 2011 concept for Frankfurt

Here is the "baby" Jaguar in the coming weeks we will see at the IAA. It is, for the moment, an anticipation of graphics, a first rendering released by the Centro Stile Jaguar. We can therefore assume that the lines that we will see in Frankfurt only slightly differs from the anticipation that you can see so far.

The car - a two-seater coupe, which should be equipped with a V6 engine placed at the front - anticipating future models of Coventry, in particular the more sporty versions: the C-X16 will have it for the role of trailblazer for new design criteria related to vehicle dynamics and implementation of new technologies.

Concentration as the frame - according to preliminary information handed out in dribs and drabs - the concept C-X16 will share the platform with the next generation XK, but it will be shorter than 30 cm and will be able to accommodate only two people. To achieve an effective weight reduction interventions were aimed more emphasis to the use of light alloys for the suspension.

Building on Jaguar's latest style and the latest creations of Coventry (XJ, XF and XK the same) by the team of designers led by Ian Callum, the design of the car should propose some stylistic features of the English House revisited with a modern . Small trunk, positioned at the rear seats and a long bonnet which are counterbalanced by a subtle lighting and a "tail" truncated to emphasize the development of compact lateral development.

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