Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Opel: soon a small premium and a compact crossover

Large maneuvers in Opel: the German mark, under the strong pressure of its CEO Nick Reilly in the next few years will give a real turning point in her range, moving its center of gravity towards the higher market segments and removing the risk of overlap with Chevrolet in Europe. Among the big news in the pipeline are a small premium and the category of a compact crossover Nissan Qashqai.

The first model will have a position similar to the one-to-understand a Citroen DS3, and its list price certainly not popular, will help to increase the margins of the manufacturer. The small, provisionally known as Opel Junior, points to the segment of the public "who cares about the status of your car and its contents hi-tech." Reilly, former CEO Daewoo continued: "We learned a lot in Korea, where they can also make a profit on small.

We are not interested in doing a new minicar only to expand our market share. " Compared with agility, said the manager, everything will be different with the Junior, from the price, to be precise. The model, however, will not compete with the Mini, according to Reilly. The Junior will be presented at the latest at the Paris Salon of 2012 and will be marketed next year.

The year 2012 will instead be another first for the German house, a small crossover medium with which to go to break the eggs in the basket to the Nissan Qashqai and all its rivals, mushroomed in recent years. Just like the Japanese, even the Opel model could give birth later to a variant of body with space for seven occupants.

Similarly, the offer will consist of versions two and four wheel drive. In 2013, however, come two new models developed on a platform of the Astra duly lengthened: the first is the Cabriolet which we have already seen some spy photos, while the second is a notchback coupe very different from abstraction GTC debut next .

This sport will never forget the spiritual heir of the Calibra, which most likely will resume his name. "We left a lot of freedom to our designers.

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