Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Newport Convertible Jaguar Convertible XJL

Newport Convertible has achieved an unprecedented 5-seater cabriolet version of the new Jaguar XJ, here XJL long-wheelbase version. This type of cars, virtually nonexistent in the official price lists, requires strengthening interventions of the structure, as evidenced by the roll center and forced to use large soft top, as seen from the photos on the official site of the NCE.

The XJ Convertible was tested on the road from Edmunds and his line has not received critical acclaim, especially in the rear volume. The design of the production model is already very personal, but the addition of the hood, very bulky and cumbersome when open even when closed, does not improve the situation, also considering the elimination of a large part of the original glazing.

On the road the car does not emit noise claims, exaggerated or vibration while having lost the original roof, and rear visibility is compromised by the large hood. No problem for the space back, unchanged and accessibility, as well as for the comfort of the soft top in 3 layers. At a technical level, the transformation was made with great care, using reinforced aluminum side and back and increasing the total weight of just 18 kg compared to the sedan, among other things, without compromising luggage space.

One downside: the price is likely, given that the transformation has a cost of about $ 50,000. The NCE Jaguar XJ Jaguar dealers will then be available in the U.S., with 3 year warranty, with prices starting at about 130,000 dollars  excluding optional.

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